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The mission of RISE Programs is to equip and empower people through support and information that leads to transformation. In one word – EDUCATION. RISE Programs believes that education is a vital part of life because it gives people the practical skills and tools they need to navigate the world, and be victorious in whatever challenges they face. We strive tirelessly to educate because education increases every person’s chances of leading a healthy, happy, successful and significant life.





Rise Academy provides a unique opportunity for you to acquire new perspective on a variety of topics and skills. Enrolling in our academy will enable you to discover essentials tools that you an use, on a daily basis, to gain control of a situation. Take advantage of our FREE TRIALS or purchase the complete course.


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  • Richard and Adriana shared with us a very inspiring story

    Jeannette Fuentes, Co-owner of Top Producers REMAX
  • Adriana Gallardo shared her story from the heart

    Christian Fuentes, Co-owner of Top Producers REMAX
  • We love Richard’s practical way of teaching leaders with RISE Programs

    Peter Thour, Leader of Healing Harts and Nations Africa
  • I was impressed with the quality of the RISE Programs material

    José Lopez, Advertising Consultant
  • I’ve learned a lot from Richard and his teachings

    Emmanuel Yakubu, Leader of "Healing Hart and Nations" in West Africa
  • RISE Programs helped me to be a better leader

    Robert Gonzalez, Marketing Executive
  • RISE Programs opened my mind to new ideas

    Paola Sanchez, General Sales Manager
  • RISE Programs opened my mind of what my future can be

    Frank García, Loan Officer

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