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"Mentoring 101" Author: John C. MaxwellOne of the most important purpose in my life is to teach, to show others the path I have walked and share my first hand experiences. For those of you interested in showing others the way to go  I recommend this book by John Maxwell, where I have gotten a lot of

"Money, Master The Game" Author: Tony RobbinsI’m sure you have heard or learned that if you want to succeed in any area of your life it’s good to learn from people who are already successful in that area. It’s wise to study successful people, observe how they think, to experience their attitudes, and rub shoulders with them.

"Can You Hear Me Now" Author: Dallas Demmitt, PH.D and Nancy Demmitt. M.CI actually had the honor and pleasure of being a part of a few Skype calls with Dallas. Dallas was personally teaching a friend of mine, Casey. Casey invited me to be a part of it and Dallas accepted me being on the call with them.

"The Art of Living and Social Courtesy" Author: Gaby VargasOn many occasions I have been asked how one should dress for a job interview, how to impress a client with your attitude, how to dress for certain events, how to select dinner and drinks from a foreign restaurant, how they can arrange business trips that their clients

"How to Interview Like a Top MBA" Author: Dr. Shel LeanneThis book is about learning how to be more prepared and confident when going to an interviewed. It prepares you to have a successful interview and get the job but I’m using it for another reason. I’m using this book to gain insights not only to help

"Emotional Intelligence"  Author: Daniel ColemanHere is a book that I have read a few times and still continue to go back for refreshing. This topics of emotional intelligence is so important to my passion and work of transforming peoples lives professionally and personally.  What Is Emotional Intelligence? Emotional intelligence is the ability to identify and manage your own emotions and