RISE International Programs seeks to make a great impact in this world through our powerful programs. RISE does not only serves local needs but also worries about crossing borders, support and meet the needs of other nations in an emotional, spiritual and material level.

RISE International for Children
RISE Programs has developed a comprehensive program for children and youth in Kenya, Africa. Providing a safe and productive learning environment for children to learn beyond of what a traditional school day has to offer.
RISE International for Woman
RISE is empowering women in Africa through education. Education on hygiene, health, parenting, marriage, business, and different skills and trades that will help them find good jobs.Begin
“WATER WELL” Project
Give a better life! Be a part of this wonderful opportunity to change the lives of thousands of people by donating $10 or $20 to the “Water Well” project where RISE Africa joins forces to make an expedition to Kenya, Africa. The people there have put their heart and hope in knowing that the project will bring purified water to drink, without exposing them to more deadly diseases. They currently drink water that has not only been stagnant, but that comes from the same place where elephants, giraffes, zebras and other animals drink their water. For Kenyans, there is no alternative but for us there is; please donate today and help us on our journey to complete the Water Well Project.