How to Behave Within Society and With Family

“The Art of Living and Social Courtesy”
Author: Gaby Vargas

On many occasions I have been asked how one should dress for a job interview, how to impress a client with your attitude, how to dress for certain events, how to select dinner and drinks from a foreign restaurant, how they can arrange business trips that their clients will never forget. Above all i receive a lot of questions about how to behave in society and with family, and today I have a great recommendation for all of you : “El arte de convivir y la cortesía social”. “the art of living and social courtesy.”


Socializing is an important part of the development of any person and the way we communicate, express ourselves and talk, is the way in which we will receive acceptance of our social circle, whether it be at work or with our loved ones.

“El Arte de convivir y la cortesía social” is a book that can help you learn how to communicate assertively with people and especially teach you to be courteous, as it is essential in all acts of our life, so says the saying: “In asking, is giving”.

Politeness helps us to demonstrate our human qualities and helps us maintain an excellent relationship with others. That is why Gaby Vargas offers the keys to achieve fulfillment in our social relations through education.

Among the topics you can find you are: the foundations of courtesy in a relationship; how to dress properly for various celebrations; the importance of good manners and impeccable presentation; the most important aspects of family courtesy, among many others.

If you want to know the keys to success in your social relationships, then you should definitely read this book!

Adriana Gallardo

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Recognize Your Gifts and Learn to Share Them With the World

“The Gift in You”
Author: Caroline Leaf

I use to really hate reading! Ha! I mean I avoided it at all cost until I turned 25 years old. I realized something… the people who write these books go through years of experience and research and put it all into a book that I can read within a week. I can gain the knowledge, understanding and wisdom from years of struggles in only a few days. When I got this realization I saw that reading books that will help me grow as a person as very valuable and not read everyday. Reading truly has changed my life and has benefited my life’s experience.

This book called “The Gift in You” was awesome. I have done many studies on our gifts and talents and how to utilize them fully. This book brings practical insights along with the scientific insight of the brain. I really enjoy the read. It shared how to understand that you are uniquely gifted and reveals how your gifts work. I think is it’s so important to not only know your gifs but to learn how to live our gifts. We must recognize the gifts blockers so that we can overcome them and rise up into our full potential. I really enjoy book that not only help my personally but give me information and tools that I can help others with. I recommend this book.

Richard Martinez

Transformational Expert


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The Secret to a Perfect Interview

“How to Interview Like a Top MBA”
Author: Dr. Shel Leanne

This book is about learning how to be more prepared and confident when going to an interviewed. It prepares you to have a successful interview and get the job but I’m using it for another reason. I’m using this book to gain insights not only to help train and prepare people to be interviewed but also to train recruiters to conduct the interviews on others.

This is very helpful when I am working with businesses and corporations because when organizations choose the right people for the job, train them well and treat them appropriately, these people not only produce good results but also tend to stay with the organization longer. This is very powerful information and tools for any business or for someone who is hiring someone for a certain position and/or project.

Richard Martinez
Transformational Expert


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Identify and Manage Your Emotions

“Emotional Intelligence” 
Author: Daniel Coleman
Here is a book that I have read a few times and still continue to go back for refreshing. This topics of emotional intelligence is so important to my passion and work of transforming peoples lives professionally and personally. 
What Is Emotional Intelligence? Emotional intelligence is the ability to identify and manage your own emotions and the emotions of others. I have found that it is vital for the healing, transformation and peace in people’s lives. For people to have an emotional awareness, and ability to identify their own emotions and those of others in order to have an understanding and respond with wisdom. It’s about having the ability to harness emotions and apply them to tasks like thinking and problems solving in any area of your life. It sets you up for success when you not only have a handle on your own emotions but to have the ability to cheer up or calm down another person as well. 
When you are feeling a certain emotion if it gets strong enough it will be felt and experience through you whole being. Its during the times that the vibrations are through our full being that if it gets strong enough that energy can get trapped in the body and can be any size from about the size of a baseball to the size of a cantaloupe.  These energy balls can lodge in any part of the body and disrupt the normal energy flow and field of the body. These stored negative energies will cause stress, sickness and   disease. 
I love learning how to help people change their lives and live in their full potential and this book provides insights and tools to help people does just that. To conclude I’ll share the power of this book with a short simple explanation: 
Our thoughts are what create our emotions that create our behaviors.
Richard Martinez
Transformational Expert
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