Good To Great: Why Some Companies Make The Leap… And Others Don’t.

Title: Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap… and Others Don’t.

Author: Jim Collins

As someone who deals regularly with different companies in my capacity as a RISE Programs Business Coach, I got very excited when I read Collins’ title, “Why Some Companies Make the Leap… and Others Don’t.” Although after reading through this book, I must admit I wasn’t impressed. I’m not saying it was entirely bad, because it did have good concepts. There just wasn’t anything about the book which propelled me to a new level of understanding.

The one thing I enjoyed most, and believe that most organizations need to learn and implement, is the need to recruit the right people to a team and to place them in the right positions. Leaders shouldn’t be wasting valuable time and energy motivating employees to do their jobs. It’s far more effective instead to equip self-motivating people with a vision they can support and work hard to bring to realization. This all starts with putting the right people, in the right positions, and letting them flourish.

Richard Martinez

Intl. Transformation Expert

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Leadership & Strategy

Book: Leadership & Strategy – Lessons from Alexander the Great

Author: Leandro P. Martino

This is an interesting book because it has modern examples of leadership drawn from Alexander III of Macedon’s legacy. There isn’t really anything new on leadership in this book, but its real-life stories from Alexander’s era, and his war strategies, make it stand out from typical tutorials on leadership. The author highlights how Alexander the Great achieved his various conquests. Naturally this story is rich with insights on leadership.

This book on Alexander the Great’s character illustrates just how important it is to be intentional about leadership strategy in business.

I like exploring strategy, especially strategy that helps you win! This book reveals what it takes to have the demeanor and character of a true leader. I learned a lot from reading this book and I know others will too. Enjoy.

Richard Martinez

Transformation Expert

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Sales Power For Sales Professionals

Book title: Sales Power For Sales Professionals 
Author: Jose Silva and Ed Bernd Jr. 
I have enjoyed Jose Silva’s books and teachings for years now but for some reason I haven’t really had a chance to read “Sales Power for Sales Professionals” until recently. For the past few years I have gotten more involved with sales professionals at our training facility in Glendora, California. Because most of our clients are business owners and have been sales professionals in the past, I of course continue to educate myself on this subject. Although I have been teaching sales techniques for years now, I always make it a priority to learn and develop myself through resources such as this book. Silva and Bernd Jr. actually happened to connect some things I have learned and taught before, but have never tied into sales the way their book does. I think their lessons are very powerful.  
This book is great because yes, it is focused on the topic of sales. However its tools and techniques can be exported to every area of life beneficially. I personally believe that the various techniques and principles it highlights are coincidentally the foundation of lasting success in every area of our lives. This book is about a success-mindset, a mindset that will help you thrive in all you do. My favorite thing about this book is that it deals with the roots of problems and reveals sales techniques that upgrade production without all the struggle. It’s a great book and teaches very profound messages. 
Richard Martinez 
Transformation Expert
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Dare to Win

Book title: Dare to Win 
Author: Jeff Chegwin & Carmela Diclemente 
This is a great, educational, easy, inspirational, and interesting read. This book shares true short stories of known historical figures and explores how their success first came with failure. Chegwin and Diclemente emphasize the message that failing is not bad. Even further, they underscore that failure is necessary for growth and development in our lives. Each chapter focuses on an individual figure and their unique story. The titles alone highlight the themes of each chapter. For example Chapter 1 is titled “Be Ambitious,” and shares insights on Elvis Presley’s life that are aimed at inspiring ambition. Chapter 33 which is titled “Break the Mold,” is about Winston Churchill’s legendary life. This is a book that anyone can read because each chapter provides its own substantial food for thought.
Richard Martinez 
Transformation Expert
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The Heart of an Executive

Author: Richard D. Phillips

One of the greatest leaders I have ever studied is ancient Israel’s King David. Remembered as one of the most well-known leaders in the Bible, King David’s life offers countless powerful lessons on leadership and integrity. David started from humble beginnings as a Shepherd, and concluded his life as an infamous king. His story is one of many trials, failures and triumphs that we can all learn from as leaders.

More specifically, King David’ life gives us wisdom on themes such as preparation, achieving goals, leaving a legacy and training others to surpass one’s own accomplishments (as was the case with his heir Solomon). David had great vision for himself and his people. His faith, hard work and boldness set a standard for his followers. Despite experiencing challenges and setbacks, David remained true to his God and his people.

I believe the main lesson his life teaches is one of SERVANT LEADERSHIP.

Richard Martinez

Transformation Expert

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Boundaries in Marriage

Boundaries In Marriage

Author: Henry Cloud


If you are married or planning on getting married in the future, this book is a must-read. I would recommend you have an extra copy to have ready to give away also because it’s a great tool. To me, it gives a tremendous balanced definition of what love is and looks like in a relationship. Love isn’t just hugs and good feelings, love sometimes is telling the uncomfortable truth or standing your ground.

This book challenges the reader to take their power of happiness and peace into their own hands and not blame or make excuses. It shares how to remain firm yet respectful by setting boundaries. These boundaries are not selfish but instead see the more significant long-term pictures and protects the relationship as a whole so both sides can be themselves and free in the relationship.

This book does give scriptural backing to its’ principles, but religion is not the focus. Instead, the focus is centered on relationships. It takes our complex emotions and gives simple and practical examples and explanations.

Henry Cloud has published a series of “Boundaries” books and every one I have read has been a great read with real examples and solutions.

Richard Martinez
Transformation Expert


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Relationship Breakthrough

Book: Relationship Breakthrough

Author: Cloe Madanes Robbins

As a Transformation Expert I am always reading and learning different things on different topics. Since I have been getting many clients coming to me about relationship problems I have been really focusing on the topic of relationships. The more I learn the more I can help my clients.


This book is a good read with good tools and methods. This book seeks to open the reader’s eyes on how to seek and understand the others person’s world. Whether your partner, friend, co-worker, child or parent it’s so important for us to learn to get out of ourselves and into their world in order to really understand them and from there you will become more effective in communication and love.


Although I don’t feel this book goes too deep into things it does give some good tips and tools that will work for any relationship. Here are some things Cloe goes over in the book:

– Overcome life’s inevitable losses

– Resolve long-standing family conflicts

– Synchronize their needs with those of others

– Create outstanding relationships in every area of their lives

– Expectation can create problems.

– Having a plan in relationships

– Don’t blame

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