Your Inward Reality Will Define Your Outward Reality

A human being is an amazing complex unit. When thinking about our health and happiness we should not begin to divide ourselves into parts because each part does not function independently. Each part of our body functions together in harmony as a whole unit. As I get more into this topic understand for teachings sake I will teach about the different parts of our being in “boxes” so that we can gain a clearer understanding of our being as a whole.

What is the Body?

First understand that we are spiritual beings. We live in a body and we possess a soul but the real person inside of us is our spirit. Our soul consists of our mind, emotions and will but our bodies are obviously what we live in while we are here on earth. Our physical body houses our spirit & soul; it’s the ‘vehicle’ for our spirit and soul.

What is the Spirit?

Our Spirit is the ‘child’ of The Creator. Our spirit is the essence of ourselves. It represents our spiritual will and decisions &/or our urgency to make known who we are, and to love and nurture others. Our spirit is housed in a series of ‘bodies’ or ‘vehicles’, which, is our body and soul.

Quick Practical Tip

Healthy thoughts help to create healthy emotions. Having both healthy thoughts & healthy emotions will produce healthy actions. All this equals success & happiness in your life!

What is the Soul?

Our soul is our mind, emotions & will. Our soul is the ‘vehicle’ for the Spirit. Our soul expresses our moral values through our beliefs, words, actions, ideals, conscience, and intuition. Our soul is where are core values are established. Our soul is the ‘child’ of our Spirit

Now I will get a little deeper into our what our “Soul” is.

Our soul is our mind, emotions & will.


Our brain processes info, makes decisions & sends millions of impulses through our nervous system everyday. Our brain decides how warm to keep our body, how much food to digest, where to send more blood etc. There is a process with what’s going on in the spirit & soul. The spirit & soul are influencing our thought process & the brain is influencing what is happening in the spirit/soul. It is the spirit within a man, which illuminates his being & reveals thoughts. It’s helpful to keep in mind the function of the spirit in enabling a person to think. The spirit is the energy quickening the mind. Again the point is that the entire person-spirit, soul & body is involved on ones thinking process.


We cannot assign emotions only to our soul. Our physical bodies also show emotional responses. Changes in our bodies can even be measured as emotions are aroused. We can have emotional turmoil within the soul, and also sadness in our spirit. We can have joy coming from our spirit while we can also have joy within our soul. We can be troubled in our spirit and can be grieved in our soul. Therefore emotions cannot be assigned to only one part of our being but rather that they are rooted throughout.

Examples: If you put an anti-depressant drug into your bloodstream your entire being will be affected. Other drugs can also cause sexual passions. One part affects the whole.

The Will

Where is a person’s will located? The will of persons permeates the entire being.

You can make conscious decisions at the level of your spirit not to sleep. However, the demands of the physically body will eventually overrule your conscious decision from your mind. How about breathing? You are capable of making a conscious decision right now to stop breathing. In that case, your/spirit to some degree is ruling over the natural governing processes of your body. However, you cannot hold your breath too long. You will lose consciousness & your physical body will overrule. Your physically body has some degree of control over your conscious decisions. Also, many drugs are so powerful that a persons thoughts & actions can be controlled by them. This shows us that the soul/spirit does not have a free will independent of the body. Again, we can conclude that the will of individuals involves & permeates the whole person.

As you can see we human are complex units. Each part of our body functions together in harmony as a whole unit. We must learn to look at ourselves as a whole unit in order to achieve and maintain a greater level of health and happiness in our lives.

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The Secret to a Perfect Interview

“How to Interview Like a Top MBA”
Author: Dr. Shel Leanne

This book is about learning how to be more prepared and confident when going to an interviewed. It prepares you to have a successful interview and get the job but I’m using it for another reason. I’m using this book to gain insights not only to help train and prepare people to be interviewed but also to train recruiters to conduct the interviews on others.

This is very helpful when I am working with businesses and corporations because when organizations choose the right people for the job, train them well and treat them appropriately, these people not only produce good results but also tend to stay with the organization longer. This is very powerful information and tools for any business or for someone who is hiring someone for a certain position and/or project.

Richard Martinez
Transformational Expert


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Identify and Manage Your Emotions

“Emotional Intelligence” 
Author: Daniel Coleman
Here is a book that I have read a few times and still continue to go back for refreshing. This topics of emotional intelligence is so important to my passion and work of transforming peoples lives professionally and personally. 
What Is Emotional Intelligence? Emotional intelligence is the ability to identify and manage your own emotions and the emotions of others. I have found that it is vital for the healing, transformation and peace in people’s lives. For people to have an emotional awareness, and ability to identify their own emotions and those of others in order to have an understanding and respond with wisdom. It’s about having the ability to harness emotions and apply them to tasks like thinking and problems solving in any area of your life. It sets you up for success when you not only have a handle on your own emotions but to have the ability to cheer up or calm down another person as well. 
When you are feeling a certain emotion if it gets strong enough it will be felt and experience through you whole being. Its during the times that the vibrations are through our full being that if it gets strong enough that energy can get trapped in the body and can be any size from about the size of a baseball to the size of a cantaloupe.  These energy balls can lodge in any part of the body and disrupt the normal energy flow and field of the body. These stored negative energies will cause stress, sickness and   disease. 
I love learning how to help people change their lives and live in their full potential and this book provides insights and tools to help people does just that. To conclude I’ll share the power of this book with a short simple explanation: 
Our thoughts are what create our emotions that create our behaviors.
Richard Martinez
Transformational Expert
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The change you want and the one you don’t wish both give us pain or celebration, change is and will always be a part of our lives, for some people this can be scary because they have been educated to achieve stability and routine.

Whenever there is a change the first thing we feel is resistance to it, we do not want to change, we oppose because of the fear to the unknown, the challenge out of our area of control or comfort as we want to call it !, feel you away from what you know to get closer to what you do not know and then, you start to create resistance and distrust of the promoter of change.

Change will continue in spite of you, then it is better to accept the idea and you fit in the most natural way, if you keep complaining, stuck and held on to what you know and control, it is like trying to swim against the current and simply “you will  burnout”. And be careful with the next question,  is this going to stop the change? it’s not, is it? Because it is illogical to fight and to hold on to something you can not control.

I invite you to perceive change as a challenge to give the best of you, I value it as the energy that allows you to evolve, improve and develop new skills, do not let your mind betray you or limit you, you can enter the change as a victim or as victorious, “you decide”.

Our resilience is amazing, have hope and a positive outlook, life is full of changes learn to face them and make the best of each. Try and continue.

 Adriana Gallardo

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Your perspective and view about who you are and who you are not; along with your perspective and view on the world around you, can either limit you through your fears or can propel you into fulfilling your dreams.

I have found that people (including myself) can limit themselves due to their avoidance of discomfort and pain. Because of this avoidance, they gravitate toward pleasure or whatever feels good.

People avoid discomfort and pains, therefore, avoid intentional change and growth. I say, “intentional change” because no matter how much we try to avoid or control our life, it changes. Without conflict there can be no change. Think about it, change brings some level of discomfort and life is always changing.

Procrastination is a good example of this. Whenever someone procrastinates, it’s because deep down inside they have a belief that convinces them that avoiding the whole situation will feel much better. Many believe that avoiding the situation will make them feel better than actually doing it.

To break through this rut, we must turn this around and realize that avoiding will actually bring greater pain in the long run than if we take care of it today. We avoid things because we view them as painful to some degree. If this were not true then we would do it immediately.

At any given moment, our reality is based on what we focus on.
If we focus on the painful aspect of a task, then we will feel discouraged.
If we focus on the good and pleasurable results you will have if you take steps to accomplish the task you will get it done… the pain has a purpose.

In conclusion, we must change the way we associate pain and pleasure in order to change our behavior. Change your perspective to attach purpose and benefits to the pain and watch your life begin to RISE.

Richard Martinez

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Building credibility is critical to the success of your business, so it is important to separate your personal life from professional field.

Being a young entrepreneur it is both a blessing and a curse. They can take risks and managing real-time business to find out where are the best opportunities. However, the curse is on the learning curve.

Mistakes are a must for young entrepreneurs step. In fact, some of the owners of the most successful businesses in the world still fail before hitting it big. However, some errors are evident.

Here are three mistakes that young entrepreneurs make to jeopardize their credibility:

Make over sharing, i.e. they share everything on social networks.

The average Internet user spends 1.7 hours on social networks per day. For young entrepreneurs, use social media to share the monotony of everyday life has become the norm.

In Twitter they talk about a new deal. In Instagram about their jet set lifestyle. In Facebook their share about their vacation in a Speedo. Just remember that, once the information is public everyone will see it, including your investors, board members, employees and customers.

I once had an employee who decided to use his personal Twitter account to tweet about how difficult it was our client brand. Needless to say, the representatives of the brand using social media as well. Therefore, it is better to keep private life and thoughts on that, in private life.

Recruit family and friends.

Friends and money do not mix. Loans made gifts, favors and tasks become friendships often spoil.

As young entrepreneurs, our intuition is hiring we know. We want to surround ourselves with people we like and share the richness of our new businesses. The biggest mistake you can make in the growth of a company is hiring people who are poorly qualified to assume crucial roles and responsibilities. The fact that a friend graduated with an accounting degree, does not mean he should be your CFO.

It is essential to the success of our companies hire people to compensate for our deficiencies. For example, if creativity is not your strength, try to find the best creative director. Most likely it’s not your sister.

They have overconfidence.

As Charles Darwin said: “Ignorance breeds confidence more often than knowledge”. When you find success at an early age, there is a tendency to develop an ego.

They look around and see that the market doubles the average age competitors to do business. It is a mistake that tend to do when you are sitting quite some time among the competition. Do not let your own arrogance in the way. Remember, there will always be a larger, more successful company than yours.

It is important to learn from those around you, do not throw them. Building credibility is critical to the success of your business. I am aware of the mistakes you’ve easily avoided and that can undermine your authority.

As Steve Jobs said, “Sometimes when you innovate, you make mistakes. It is best to admit them quickly, and get on with improving your other innovations. “

Do not let your age define your work, let your work speak for itself.


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According to the New York Federal Reserve, 86% of students choose to go to college to improve their job prospects, but 44% of graduates are underemployed. And student debt makes the need to get a job upon graduation even more important. According to Student Loan Hero, Americans owe nearly $1.3 trillion in student loan debt, spread out among about 43 million borrowers. The average 2015 graduate had over $35,000 in student debt.

That puts a lot of pressure on students in their final year of school. And the pressure mounts as graduation day approaches. Here are some activities that will help you land that ideal job faster. In fact, if you take action before graduation, you’ll be ahead of the pack. Students who wait until June to start applying face more competition from all the other May grads.

According to the New York Federal Reserve, 86% of students choose to go to college to improve their job prospects, but 44% of graduates are underemployed. And student debt makes the need to get a job upon graduation even more important. According to Student Loan Hero, Americans owe nearly $1.3 trillion in student loan debt, spread out among about 43 million borrowers. The average 2015 graduate had over $35,000 in student debt.

That puts a lot of pressure on students in their final year of school. And the pressure mounts as graduation day approaches. Here are some activities that will help you land that ideal job faster. In fact, if you take action before graduation, you’ll be ahead of the pack. Students who wait until June to start applying face more competition from all the other May grads.

1.Get clear on your goals. Don’t seek a job, pursue the right job for you. If you aren’t focused and clear, you will seem almost good enough for a lot of potential roles but perfect for none. Although it seems counterintuitive, the more you focus, the more opportunities you will have and the easier it will be to search for and find that perfect gig. Put strategy before action!

  1. Get your digital house in order.This helps jobs find you. When you build a stellar profile with all the right keywords, you can be found by hiring managers seeking to fill jobs you don’t even know exist. In addition, when hiring managers are pursuing you, your online profile will be evaluated. If it isn’t compelling and differentiated, it will likely eliminate you from the running – even if you are the perfect candidate. To make your virtual brand shine, follow these steps:
  • Evaluate your current online profile. Google yourself and see what comes up. Make sure it positions you for the role you seek and doesn’t do anything to turn off hiring managers and recruiters. Remove all digital dirt – unflattering, inappropriate or irrelevant content. Try to keep your online search results 80% professional, 20% personal.
  • Build or refine your LinkedIn profile. Use a quality headshot (no selfies!), a compelling headline (include all the keywords you want to be associated with) and an authentic and differentiated summary (use as many of the 2,000 characters as you need to tell your story and capture the interest of the reader). Use the Experience section to highlight proof of the skills and accomplishments you tout in your Summary.
  1. Network like crazy.There’s truth to the phrase “Life is who you know.” Most hires are made through a network connection. Make building and nurturing your network a priority. Here are some actions to take:
  • Join relevant professional associations and attend live functions. Get to know as many people as you can. Volunteer so you have access to more members. Be prepared to talk about who you are and what you want.
  • Connect on LinkedIn with all your fellow students, professors, internship managers, etc. Don’t leave school without a complete set of connections. Start to use LinkedIn as your single contact management system.
  • Join LinkedIn groups focused on the type of role you are seeking. This is a way to network with tens or hundreds of thousands of relevant connections.
  • Follow thought-leaders in your area of expertise on Twitter. Get to know them. Find a mentor who can help you with your job search.
  • Follow target companies that interest you on LinkedIn and pay attention to what they are publishing on their company page.
  1. Take action.Do some job searching every day. You may be preparing for finals and moving out of your dorm, but effective job searching takes a consistent and steadfast effort. Do something every day that will help you land that all-important first job. Put job searching at the top of your daily do list.

Perhaps the most exciting opportunity has come along at just the right time for members of the Class of 2016 – the LinkedIn Students app. LinkedIn took insights from their database of 400+ million members to help job seekers discover jobs that are a best fit for them (matching the student’s major with companies that tend to hire from the soon-to-be alma mater, and drawing on career paths of recent alumni with similar degrees). LinkedIn calls it “your personal job exploration guide, providing tailored jobs related recommendations based on real data from the career paths of hundreds of millions of successful professionals.” This tool is something you can access daily, and it will help you take regular steps toward securing your ideal job. Learn more about it here:

Landing your first job is pivotal moment in your career. Good luck as you embark on the journey of a lifetime!

CONTRIBUTOR: William Arruda

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Howard Gardner is a prominent American neuroscientist, psychologist, Harvard professor and author of the theory of multiple intelligences. He has received numerous awards for his work including the Prince of Asturias Award. He interviewed the newspaper La Vanguardia of Spain on their theories and approaches conclusive thought-provoking
“Learning is the only antidote to old age and I take every day with my students at Harvard. It is foolish to classify humans in clever and stupid, because each of us is unique and unclassifiable “he says.

Why questions that intelligence is what tests measure?

Because I am a scientist and do experiments, and when I measure the intelligence of the people, I find that some are very good solving problems but explaining them bad. And other happens otherwise.

And if there are several people it is because it also has to be diverse talents?

That is why I have devoted 400 pages to describe seven types of intelligence: linguistic, logical-mathematical, musical, spatial, bodily-kinesthetic, interpersonal and intrapersonal.

And why not many more: the culinary or mystical or theater or organic?

They do not meet the requirements do meet those. And I hope to finish demonstrating that there is also a naturalist intelligence, other educational and other existential questions to ask transcendent. But no more.

Today schools and raise their programs according to these multiple intelligences.

And I did not direct me to the teachers, but they were the first to adopt my theories.

Types of intelligence
There are seven types of intelligence: linguistic, logical-mathematical, musical, spatial, bodily-kinesthetic, interpersonal and intrapersonal.


For they checked every day in the classroom that the categories of silly or clever not cover the diversity of human talent. And, therefore, that intelligence tests do not really measure our capabilities, but only to resolve them.

His theory also comfortable to comfort children with poor grades and their parents.

He abused her at first because it was not understood well. In Australia, the administration manipulated to explain that there were ethnic groups had different minds of others.

What a danger!

At that point, I also began to wonder about the ethics of intelligence and why people considered winners and great in politics, finance, science, medicine or other fields did bad things for everyone and often, not even good for themselves.

That already is a philosophical question.

But I’m a scientist and started an experiment at Harvard, Goodwork Project, for which I interviewed more than 1,200 individuals.

Why are excellent professionals who are bad people?

We found that there are none. In fact, poor people can not be excellent professionals. They fail to ever be. They may have technical expertise, but not excellent.

To me I some exceptions occur …

What we have found is that the best professionals are always E EC: excellent, committed and ethical.

You can not be excellent as a professional but a bad bug as a person?

No, because you do not achieve excellence if you do not go beyond satisfying your ego, your ambition or your greed. If you do not commit yourself, therefore, with goals that go beyond your needs to serve everyone. And it requires ethics.

To get rich, often clutters.

But without ethical principles you can become rich, yes, or technically good, but not great.

It is reassuring to know.

Today not so much because we also found that young people accept the need for ethics, but not to start the race, because they believe that without elbowing not succeed. See ethics as the luxury of those who have already achieved success.

“Lord, make me chaste, but not now.”

As St. Augustine, indeed. Another close look leads to students and professionals easygoing what we consider to be inertial, ie, to be swayed by social inertia and go to college, because it is what touches after high school; and to work, because it is what touches after college … but without giving everything ever.

Without illusion, life stays on duty.

And others are transaction is in class meet the minimum and only study for the title; and then they meet him at work just salary, but not really interested limit their interest and dedication. And they are mediocre at everything.

Do not discover any day of his life something that really interests them?

Some do not, and is one of the reasons for the great crises of maturity, when they realize that there is a second youth. Another cause is the lack of humanistic studies: Philosophy, Literature, History of Thought …

What joy! Somebody believes necessary …

You can live without philosophy, but worse. In an experiment with MIT engineers we discovered that those who had not studied humanities, when they reached 40 and 50, were more likely to suffer crises and depressions.


For engineering and technological studies they end up giving you a sense of control over your life in the unreal background: you focus only on what is the solution and answer questions. And for years Hallas. But when the maturity you discover that it is actually impossible to control everything, you disoriented.

What country most influenced his theory of multiple intelligences?

In China they released hundreds of titles on intelligence, but understood in their own way: they wanted their only son was the best in all.

Well it is not exactly that.

Each society and person understands what you understand. The higher you get, the harder it is to adapt your life to a discovery and easier to adapt the discovery to what you already thought that was life. So I go to class to unlearn me and learn from young people.


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Women have an important role to play in structural reforms in Mexico; some already in positions of responsibility in key sectors.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

MEXICO CITY (Expansion) –

Expansion publishes its annual ranking of the 100 most powerful women in Mexico in an effort to give visibility to the role of women in positions of high responsibility.

In this list, only 6% are company presidents and 16% are CEOs. However, it highlights that 30% of the names are new to the ranking.

The edition of this year adds to the efforts of the Women’s Forum for Economy and Society that will be held on 27 and 28 April for the first time in Mexico City, and is expected to gather more than 500 national and international to discuss female equality in a country that is undergoing major structural reforms leaders.

Currently, only 4% of CEO positions in Mexico are held by women, according to a fact Research Center of Women in Senior Management (CIMAD). Expansion in the list, only 6% are company presidents and 16% are CEOs. However, 30% of the names are new in the count.

Transnational corporations, mainly American capital, employ most talented female C-Suite listing, compared with only 31% who hire Mexican companies.

The sectors that stand these women are financial services (11%), chemicals and pharmaceuticals (9%), food (7%), and automotive (7%), in contrast to aerospace, petroleum, steel and metallurgy, in the which only 1% of them in each deals.

As for areas within companies in which more developed are legal, legal, and regulatory affairs (19%), marketing (17%), administration and finance (13%), human resources (11%), operations (6%), commercial (3%), innovation (5%) and social responsibility (3%).

One of the most striking cases of this edition is to Gayle Schueller, CEO of 3M, who holds the cover of this issue and in his first time in this count, occupies the number four position. It is of American origin and has a degree in physics and a degree in materials science and engineering. He has worked in more than 30 countries and recognizes that it has found “a variety of problems, depending on each region, in terms of gender equality.”

In this edition, Claudia Janez, president of DuPont Mexico, scale 14 places in the ranking, to be located on the site 51. Among the achievements of this executive are handling the separation of two businesses of DuPont (now Chemours) that were established in 2015 and be part of an overall restructuring of over 700 million. In 2015, he converted to Mexico in the Latin American country with the best results in operating costs.

Lourdes Quiroz this year occupies the 38th position after a comeback from 10 steps with respect to 2015. She is the director of HP IncMi consumer, business segment generated 35% of revenues of the multinational in Mexico. It is also responsible for the financial results of several categories totaling more than 80 products and represent 400 million dollars for the company.

These are just some of the stories that make up the ranking by Expansiónpara to inform the executive who are timoneando large companies operating in Mexico. All of them are evaluated under a method that considers the compensation they may have on the current position (Hay Group Korn Ferry provides such compensation), and also evaluates their professional and academic career, as well as other activities such as membership of an association or chamber.

Source: Expansion Magazine – Mexico.

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The Power Behind PowerBall
by Richard Martinez

The world’s largest lottery jackpot has grown to $1.5 billion! Wow, that’s a lot of money right? So much talk and excitement over this the possibility of winning even though the chances of picking the winning six numbers in Powerball are 1 in 292.2 million. I read that these odds are about the same as flipping a coin and getting heads 28 times in a row.


Why are there so many who are compelled to buy a ticket when jackpots are so high? “Money can buy fantasy,” explains Dr. Raul Rodriguez, a psychiatrist at Delray Beach Center for Healing. He says it’s all about escaping stress by living a “what if” scenario.

“What IF you won the lottery, what would you do?”

What is this “fantasy” that compels people to purchase a ticket? Someone will say, “I will buy the house of my dreams”, another will say, “I can buy my parents a home”, another will say, “I will retire and travel the world”, and yet another will say, “I will give most of it away to help the poor”. I guess with $1.5 billion you can do all the above and more but what do all these things have in common?

FREEDOM. They will have the freedom to do whatever they desire, whenever they desire and however they desire. We all value freedom and money can definitely help with that. Therefore, what is the power behind PowerBall? In my opinion, FREEDOM!

Did you buy a ticket? Or tickets? What would be the first did you do or purchased if you won?

Good luck to you! If you win here are a few tips for you below.

Tips About Money:

The truth is that money amplifies what is already in your heart. If you are a good guy and you don’t have much money, but you are giving one or two dollars to the poor and all of a sudden you get a bunch of money, it’s going to amplify your character and you will give a thousand dollars to the poor. Money amplifies the character that is already within you. It doesn’t change your character. Money does not corrupt a man; it only amplifies him. If there are negative aspects in a person’s character, they will become more evident. If there are good qualities, those will be amplified. Money magnifies what is already in the heart.

Money is time. The society in which you live uses money to convert the value of a person’s time, labor, ability, and wisdom into a form which can be carried around in a pocket or purse and traded for other goods. At the end of a workweek, an employee receives a reward: money. From the boss’ perspective, he knows he is purchasing the time of another individual whenever he employs a person. When you hire someone you are buying their time, in addition to freeing time for yourself to do other things. In that sense money is time.

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