Richard Martinez

Richard Martinez


Your perspective and view about who you are and who you are not; along with your perspective and view on the world around you, can either limit you through your fears or can propel you into fulfilling your dreams.

I have found that people (including myself) can limit themselves due to their avoidance of discomfort and pain. Because of this avoidance, they gravitate toward pleasure or whatever feels good.

People avoid discomfort and pains, therefore, avoid intentional change and growth. I say, “intentional change” because no matter how much we try to avoid or control our life, it changes. Without conflict there can be no change. Think about it, change brings some level of discomfort and life is always changing.

Procrastination is a good example of this. Whenever someone procrastinates, it’s because deep down inside they have a belief that convinces them that avoiding the whole situation will feel much better. Many believe that avoiding the situation will make them feel better than actually doing it.

To break through this rut, we must turn this around and realize that avoiding will actually bring greater pain in the long run than if we take care of it today. We avoid things because we view them as painful to some degree. If this were not true then we would do it immediately.

At any given moment, our reality is based on what we focus on.
If we focus on the painful aspect of a task, then we will feel discouraged.
If we focus on the good and pleasurable results you will have if you take steps to accomplish the task you will get it done… the pain has a purpose.

In conclusion, we must change the way we associate pain and pleasure in order to change our behavior. Change your perspective to attach purpose and benefits to the pain and watch your life begin to RISE.

Richard Martinez

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