Adriana Gallardo

Adriana Gallardo


Are you in those stages where you explode for everything?

Suddenly you realize that you are bad all the time, do not get along with your family, your children and much less with yourself?

The worst thing is that you try to look good with everything and everyone but always look bad?

And you definitely feel stuck, you feel with all the flaws of the world and there is nothing in the world that makes you happy?

Much to think about … but mostly many attempts all the time, trying to be and not to be.

It is thought that the strong person is the one who falls, gets up, falls and gets up and puts his happy face back. And I’m afraid to tell you that no, a strong person is the one who falls back on what he is doing wrong, makes him conscious and does everything not to repeat it again. Experience a new way of life, of being.

That’s why I want to talk to you about self-control. Self-control is to live a life with conscience, is to know where you are going … It does not mean that you will not cry or explode, the difference is knowing why you are doing it.

This theme can be applied to all parts of your life, what I will share is a great truth no matter where they live, the age they have or the success obtained so far, this applies to everyone and affects everyone , To get to live with conscience applied what I call “The 5 Laws of Life”, in fact you live with them every day, they are part of your life and I will name them: abundance, free will, integration , Transformation and influence.

To illustrate how these five laws work, which many people have tried to understand, I will share them so that “you” begin to live using them and thus obtain great benefits from them, this will transform your life and you will be ready to get everything you want.

At present we are full of correct information? In fact we have more information than we need in our hands, our phones are small computers that give us access to more information than we will ever use in our lives; Therefore, you have an abundance of information but here comes the good, you have the will or free will to choose what and from that information you are going to give it your attention.

This is where you begin to be aware because you have the power to choose what information you are going to integrate into your life and your beliefs, since that is gradually transforming you with a positive or negative course depending on how good or bad the information is That you choose to integrate into your life.

This begins to transform the world around you, it will become a part of who you are and what you are going to be sowing around you. Something clear in what you can identify what I am naming you is in the food; There is a lot of food on the market and you have to be aware and be careful when using your free choice to acquire what is good for the body and health, observe what there is in food and you will know what you are Putting on your body, you have to be selective and be in full consciousness.

Learn to keep yourself through selecting what you carry to your body and your mind, because believe me that will come to transform you and have a great impact on the way you live, food affects our energy, mood, health and thought … ponder As healthy foods will transform your physical, strength, energy and joy.

When you begin to be more aware of yourself and around you, you will stop feeling depressed, unhappy, believing that everything is bad around you. You will realize how wonderful the world she is and everything that exists in your hands to reach it.

Remember that the power is in you.

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Y Colorín Colorado Este Cuento Aún No Se Ha Acabado


Odin Dupeyron es un escritor mexicano que estudió actuación y después de haber soportado varios fracasos en su vida, aprendió a controlar sus miedos y enfrentar la vida con lo que se le presentara en cualquier momento. Es así como nace la necesidad de explicar todo lo que vivió, sufrió y experimentó en una forma divertida por medio de un cuento. El autor nos habla  de una historia que no trata más que de la vida, de los miedos escondidos que nos paralizan y no nos dejan mover, pero sobre todo del deseo infinito de ser libres.

En este libro puedes encontrar cómo puede uno llegar a conocerse a sí mismo y no hay nada mejor que buscando en el pasado, sobre todo esos momentos obscuros que nos marcaron para toda la vida, porque solo así podremos saber  de verdad quiénes somos, de dónde venimos pero sobre todo a dónde vamos.

De una manera muy peculiar nos pone el ejemplo tan sencillo de explicarnos que todo lo que empieza acaba y termina y que así sucesivamente otro nuevo capítulo en nuestra vida vuelve a empezar. Y lo mejor es que en cada comenzar tenemos nuevas oportunidades, nuevas posibilidades que hacen más enriquecedora nuestra vida. Definitivamente es un libro que puedo recomendarte en esos momentos en donde piensas que tus problemas ya no tienen solución, que te sientes atrapado y no encuentras de verdad una salida. Date una oportunidad, de ver tus problemas con otra cara para que puedas sacudirte los miedos y ser feliz.

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If you are reading this note, it’s probably because you are someone who works while still asleep, right ?. And I understand completely because the current economy is forcing people to prove their value as employees sacrificing free time to spend more hours in the office or glued to his cellphone solving problems even after they clocked out.
But now I invite you to reflect, does your professional success involve letting your personal life behind? The answer is NO.
Of course not, quite the opposite. That makes you wear and that somehow you can not be more creative, to be awake and be proactive, and it will not take you to any road of success. It is therefore important that you achieve divorce work, detach it and give balance to your life. This way you can be more productive and achieve better results.
How you manage to work healthily divorce ? Very easy then I’ll give you some tips:
•Change your daily routine which can prevent years pass without enjoy life.
•Exercise at least 3 times a week, that reduces your stress level increases your safety and energy
•Invests time for your spouse, children and parents, will give an emotional stability to meet the challenges of the hectic pace of life.
•Do not eat at your desk, do not skip your lunch hour because sooner or later these attitudes affect your health.
•When you take your vacation use that time to rest, be with your family, relax, avoid addressing labor issues, by doing so you will recharge the batteries and come back motivated to work.
•Be the first to respect your day off, turn off your cell and rest to make the most of the days to come.

Now you know, sometimes it’s good divorce work for a while and feel you have life.

Adrian Gallardo

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The change you want and the one you don’t wish both give us pain or celebration, change is and will always be a part of our lives, for some people this can be scary because they have been educated to achieve stability and routine.

Whenever there is a change the first thing we feel is resistance to it, we do not want to change, we oppose because of the fear to the unknown, the challenge out of our area of control or comfort as we want to call it !, feel you away from what you know to get closer to what you do not know and then, you start to create resistance and distrust of the promoter of change.

Change will continue in spite of you, then it is better to accept the idea and you fit in the most natural way, if you keep complaining, stuck and held on to what you know and control, it is like trying to swim against the current and simply “you will  burnout”. And be careful with the next question,  is this going to stop the change? it’s not, is it? Because it is illogical to fight and to hold on to something you can not control.

I invite you to perceive change as a challenge to give the best of you, I value it as the energy that allows you to evolve, improve and develop new skills, do not let your mind betray you or limit you, you can enter the change as a victim or as victorious, “you decide”.

Our resilience is amazing, have hope and a positive outlook, life is full of changes learn to face them and make the best of each. Try and continue.

 Adriana Gallardo

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