RISE programs helping people in key positions of top companies in how to be a leaders and communicate better with co-workers. Learn more from these testimonials, maybe you could be next one.

  • RISE Programs opened my mind to new ideas

    Paola Sanchez
    General Sales Manager
  • RISE Programs helped me to be a better leader

    Robert Gonzalez
    Marketing Executive
  • Richard and Adriana shared with us a very inspiring story

    Jeannette Fuentes
    Co-owner of Top Producers REMAX
  • Adriana Gallardo shared her story from the heart

    Christian Fuentes
    Co-owner of Top Producers REMAX
  • We love Richard’s practical way of teaching leaders with RISE Programs

    Peter Thour
    Leader of Healing Harts and Nations Africa
  • I’ve learned a lot from Richard and his teachings

    Emmanuel Yakubu
    Leader of "Healing Hart and Nations" in West Africa
  • RISE Programs opened my mind of what my future can be

    Frank García
    Loan Officer
  • I was impressed with the quality of the RISE Programs material

    José Lopez
    Advertising Consultant