A Tale of Two Workers:

Once upon a time, there were two completely average blue-collar factory workers. Both of them had the exact same job on an assembly line, in the exact same factory. They both labored for eight hours a day, to fulfill the exact same quota set by a demanding foreman. They even experienced the same amount of responsibility in their respective personal lives. They both had an identical mortgage, an identical car note, and were each married in a home with two kids and a pet dog. There was only one thing which distinguished these two workers from each other. While neither of them had any trouble making ends meet, and they had no risk of ever descending into poverty, one of them was paid a minimum wage, while the other was paid billions to do the exact same job.

Every time the minimum wage worker got home from a hard day’s work, their spouse would welcome them home with a common question, “How was your day?” The response would almost always be outrage: “It was terrible! Exhausting! You wouldn’t believe how much work I have to do just to keep this roof over our heads!” On the other hand, the billionaire worker would face a similar welcome every time they got home. “How was your day?” their spouse would ask. The response would almost always be gracious: “Pretty good actually… had a few stressful moments, but nothing I can’t handle. It’s almost as if the hours were just floating by.” Imagine that. These two people led identical lives, and endured identical stress, yet they each had a polar opposite sense of personal fulfillment. How could this be?

Here’s the Breakdown:

You might be tempted to argue that money is what made the billionaire worker happier. But that’s a superficial answer to the question. Sure, money is important, but money is nothing more than shreds of paper or numbers on a screen. People can’t physically eat money to survive. Nor does it serve any purpose until it’s actually exchanged for something in return. In the story of these two workers, and in the story of all humanity, money is only a vehicle. It is a vehicle to the one ingredient that truly determines how balanced and fulfilled people are in life – and that ingredient is called perspective.

Perspective, simply defined as what we choose to focus on, has the power to influence every facet of our existence. It guides our decisions, it molds our thoughts, and it colors our imagination. If your perspective only allows you to see the negative, it’s impossible to ever feel anything other than frustration and despair. Conversely, if your perspective allows you to be optimistic and ambitious, life can become a thrilling challenge as opposed to a dreadful chore. The wonderful thing about perspective is that you have the power to shape it, no matter what your circumstances are. It takes initiative. It takes strategy. But if you allow yourself to become enlightened about your own potential, no difficulties you encounter will ever imprison your mind with fear.

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