Happily ever after. There’s a good chance that heartwarming daydreams of love and marriage start swirling in your mind at the mere mention of these three words. As cliché as the phrase sounds, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with chasing happily ever after in your relationships. After all, what would be the point of falling in love without the promise of enduring happiness with a partner you adore? We all have a right to be happy in life. Everyone deserves to experience personal fulfillment from each of their relationships. This is why it’s important to understand and avoid the many pitfalls which often distort simple love into a complicated grey-area. Here are four simple tips to help achieve a mutual sense of happiness in your romantic relationships:

1.       Be Fair:

The way you treat your partner has a direct impact on their opinion of you, and their opinion of your future together. It’s important to be fair about your expectations in order to maintain a sense of balance and mutual respect for one another. Don’t demand so much from your partner that it becomes unrealistic or impossible for them to ever make you happy. In the same vein, don’t break your back trying to meet expectations that overwhelm you.

2.       Be Loyal:

Commitment has become a four-letter word in modern relationships. No one wants to put a label on anything, and everyone wants a Plan B in case things go south. Ironically, the more you keep your options open, the more you dilute the possibility of forming a strong bond with someone you’re attracted to. It can feel scary, and it can be intimidating, but commitment is the only way for a couple to break past the superficial stage of a relationship and develop a passionate connection.

3.       Be Open:

Communication is as essential to relationships, as water is to life. A lack of communication starves the intimacy between a couple and makes it harder for partners to understand one another. This is perilous because the more distance there is between two romantic partners, the easier it is for either partner to rationalize stepping outside of the relationship to seek emotional fulfillment. When communication between two people is sincere and frequent, it becomes easier to detect and resolve problems that shouldn’t be allowed to fester.

4.       Be Supportive:

Life is all about reciprocity, and relationships in particular are all about give and take. While it is reasonable to expect a romantic partner to cater to some of your social and emotional needs, ignoring your own obligation to be courteous and cater to them will trigger resentment. Being unselfish is a strong way to show your partner how much you value them. When a couple is supportive of one another they become an unstoppable team.

Love isn’t a spectator-sport. It’s an investment. It’s an investment in your health, in your happiness and in your future. In this sense, a healthy relationship can only thrive when each partner becomes proactive about keeping the spark alive. Remember that the goal of any relationship is to grow together. The goal is to become closer and closer as time inevitably goes by. If you do one thing every day to be fair, to be loyal, to communicate or to be supportive of your partner, nothing will ever stand in the way of the happily ever after you deserve as a couple.