I cannot stand it when people are needlessly confrontational. When people refute, assert or argue just for the thrill of debate. What’s worse is that EVERYONE does this… and WHY? What’s the point of arguing without a clear goal? Or pretending that your perspective is informed by some absolute truth when you actually care more about winning a quarrel than finding the truth? This dishonesty does more harm to the world than cancer. It’s tantamount to believing that shit is delicious just because millions of flies eat it like a buffet. It’s time to stop shunning reason. It’s time to stop judging books by their covers. Gandhi didn’t have an imposing physique, but he’s one of the greatest superheroes of all time. The Beatles never looked like superstars in their youth, but today they stand among the greatest musicians in history. Jesus Christ never sat on a single earthly throne, but we know Him now as t! he King of Kings.

Society has become too clinical. People today are extremely obsessed with polls, statistics, numbers and projections. We are so fixated on analyzing every sphere of life that we forget how to live in the moment. We don’t even know how to be authentically spiritual. What could be more important than allowing the power of God to manifest in our lives? Many believe in statistics with complete devotion. This isn’t to say that there’s something wrong with being technical in life, but numbers and data can never encompass the power of our dreams, desires and talents. THEY CAN NEVER SPARK THE FIRE THAT IGNITES THE INDOMITABLE HUMAN SPIRIT! There are two types of people in this world, those who follow. And those who lead. It is far much better to be a leader inspired by vision, than a follower who can only obey numbers. My position in this blog is not rebellion, because rebellion without purpose is hypocritical. I believe in the individual revolution of the mind, soul and spirit. These are the most powerful tools of the human species. When our imagination and creativity is allowed to work freely, there is simply no limit to how many ideas we can construct. For that matter, there is no such thing as a stupid idea. Just think a little bit about how many of today’s innovations, sprang from ideas that were once considered ludicrous.

Yesterday I attended a meeting at work and it alarmed me how obsessed the director was with beating the competition. Companies shouldn’t focus on competitors who don’t even exist yet. The biggest obstacle to success doesn’t come from external threats, it comes from internal complacency. It comes from how willingly, and how well, a company can outdo themselves. If a company and its employees do not prepare for constant innovation through professional and spiritual preparation of high-performance teams, they will be devastated by others who are wise enough to invest in the fundamentals of human wiring.

If Mexico invested in the innovation of human sciences, or happiness sciences, we would be a completely different country. Today only 4% of young people are studying one of these careers… and we wonder why our society has a broken leg.

Daniel Habif
Motivational Speaker