Complacency is poisonous to progress. There are so many times in life when we’re happy to believe that we’ve done enough. That we’ve given everything of ourselves… but the harsh truth is that we barely scratch the surface of our true potential. That nagging voice which asks us to do more, is called excellence. And it should never be ignored. However much it may torment or frustrate us, the voice of excellence deserves to be heeded. That very voice raises your standards. It is the only thing that can truly motivate you to break from mediocrity and clichéd phrases like “why bother, I’m doing just fine.”

Motivation demands commitment. It requires enough honesty to reflect and review the healthy and unhealthy reasons we do what we do in life. Self-improvement is not easy to do, but it is mandatory if you ever expect to excel.

We all have access to various resources. We work with them, we study, we move, and we live through them. It’s interesting to see how easily we can list the external resources which we think we need; but if we make a parallel list of our inherent resources and talents, it becomes difficult to identify them. Not to mention the fact that this list usually ends up being very short. The fundamental point is not the size of our inherent talents, it’s virtue with which we use them. If faith the size of a mustard seed can move mountains, imagine what you can accomplish with your humble resources if you simply chose to use them to the best of your ability.

It is time for you to take an inventory of the virtues, gifts and skills that are already within in you. They cost absolutely nothing, yet they can bring unimaginable wealth and joy to your life.

Daniel Habif

Motivational Speaker