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There are two types of people in this world: those who are guided by the finite, and those guided by the eternal. People who live in the finite, live to overcome others. On the other hand, people who think about the eternal, live to overcome themselves. Do not worry if things get difficult in life. Don’t stress when things don’t work and nothing changes. Tomorrow is a new day. The night was made to rest, recover, and rejuvenate. So take courage and have faith. There’s no use in crying or wallowing in anguish now when pausing to rest can clear your mind of anxiety and chaos.

Do not anticipate your defeat, speak only of victories! You are your best ally. What’s the point in being your own judge, jury and executioner, when the world has enough enemies for you to face? Always visualize victory in your mind, then, let your heart feel victory, and let your spirit manifest it. The only wars we win are those we plan for. You cannot possibly think of reinventing yourself if you abandon all hope. Be content with the dreamers, the daring, and the brave. Carry yourself like a winner, and stop thinking that nobody loves you or that nobody values you. Think, but above all believe, that something good will happen to you today. That someone is thinking of blessing you, and so it will be. Wait for the early rain because soon you will see everything green. The fruits of your labor will be multiplied and your harvest will be so abundant that you will have to break the walls of your wine presses.

GOD already has a plan for you, and it is perfect.

Daniel Habif

Motivational Speaker

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