Few things in life are as important as standing in your truth. It’s high time people stopped being so comfortable with phoniness. There’s no need to pretend to be more than you are, or to think less of yourself at all. We are all equal, with different nuances to our skills and abilities. Regardless of who you are or where you come from, we all basically share the same inner essence. Every person is perfectly capable of experiencing contentment, or attaining great success in life. Unfortunately we are also susceptible to insecurities and self-doubt. We never want to take responsibility for our lives and we blindly fall victim to perfectionism. In the process, we constantly try to justify unreasonable behavior.

Life’s about the little things. It’s a about finding joy in the beautiful simplicity of our shared reality. Instead of trying to get the most out of time, learn to savor it. Bathe with calm, eat slowly, unbutton with pace, soothe yourself with love and stop being so fixated on what to expect next. Enjoy your sleep and dream big. Eat what you want and be spontaneous. It’s ok to cry every now and then, but don’t end up choking on your tears. If times are tough, turn on the radio and sing, even if your voice is trembling and hoarse. Choose to live in happiness. Choose to live in purpose. Make a sincere prayer and tell God everything that bothers you. Pray about what you want to change and let God take the wheel. Life is simple, but we tend to complicate it with so much noise and distractions. If you start to live authentically, you can walk a mile in the dark, but the light inside you will always shine a away.

Daniel Habif
Motivational Speaker