There’s a big difference between neglecting your body and neglecting your soul. If you neglect your health, your body will get fatigued and ultimately succumb to illness. However, if you neglect your soul and spirit, everything about you will collapse – whether it’s physically, mentally, or emotionally. Sometimes life can feel like one big rat race. If we’re not chasing after the latest fad or trying to figure out what’s trending, we’re drowning in jealously over the fake lives that other people portray on social media. It’s no surprise that so many people wrestle with insecurity every day. Enough is enough! Stop comparing yourself to other people. There is no need to torture yourself wishing for that extravagant trip to Nepal or longing for that neon Lamborghini.

Take a good look in the mirror and accept to stand in your truth. Stand in the truth of your uniqueness. Stand in the truth of your potential. Stand in the truth of your worthiness, just the way you are. Who says you have to have that perfect Instagram life to be happy? It’s more important to be healthy. It’s more important to be content. It’s more important to be secure in who you are whether there is a million dollars in your bank account, or just one. You have the power within you to move mountains! The very power that sustains the entire universe in harmony exists within you. Be still, and listen. Meditate on this thought. You are capable of achieving even your most incredible dreams.

Don’t allow yourself to become a prisoner of discontent. If you spend all of your time creating a reality that only exists in your head, every thought and emotion you have will be contaminated with self-doubt. It’s important to understand that no one is chasing you. The sky isn’t going to fall if you don’t have the perfect life.

Don’t let money and ambition steal the hope, joy, and smile from your life. There are countless traps in this world that threaten to steal your happiness, but remember, your armor is from heaven. The fire inside you is eternal. Your mind is a weapon and your chest is a shield covered in gold from the heavens. Who told you that you aren’t good enough? Who on earth told you that you are a beggar? We are all children of God. We are all brothers and sisters in Christ. We are all a part of God’s divine plan, and this fact makes us all important. Through Christ, we are all connected. We are all connected to the supreme source of life. This isn’t some type of hippie mumbo-jumbo, or some cliché motivational platitude, it’s the truth. And you know it too. It’s time to open your spiritual eyes and recognize that you are called to live your life as an heir to the Kingdom of God. You are royalty, so accept it! Get up, do not be afraid and everything you ask in faith shall be given unto you in God’s time. Stand firm and have faith, soon you will see.

Daniel Habif
Motivational Speaker