There is more to the human body than our physical form. Each of us also possesses a spirit and soul.

Just as our bodies are in direct contact with the natural world, our spirits are in direct contact with the spiritual world at all times. This is to say that you exist in two worlds at the same time. In turn, this means that you also have spiritual senses that can be used and developed.

In the same way our physical senses of hearing, sight, touch, taste and smell perceive what occurs in the natural world, our spiritual senses discern phenomena that occur in the spiritual world. We can actually train our senses to discern spiritual things and these spiritual things can help us in our daily lives.

Learning to harness your spiritual capabilities is a necessary discipline because our natural human thought patterns are incapable of directly recognizing the spiritual. Communication of spiritual realities must take place on the level of the Spirit. We can receive solutions to problems, creative ideas and establish better connection with anyone through discernment of spiritual phenomena.

Understanding Spiritual Principles

Understanding things like visions, dreams and impressions can propel your life to another level of happiness and success. You will learn to recognize and utilize spiritual information, ideas, solutions, invention and more. You will learn to recognize and receive epiphanies. Mastering your spiritual sense will feel like having a divine download of insights, guidance, confidence, and more. Most people have a hard time distinguishing between their own imagination and their spiritual eyesight. However any person can learn to sense supernatural impressions upon our spirits through stirrings, nudges, words, spiritual pictures, burdens, and unction’s.

Here is a personal example of how developing your spiritual awareness can benefit your life and those around you. One day I was with a client for a one-on-one session. This client has a business and has been successful for over 15 years. The client wanted to take their business to the next level of profit, which is why they came to RISE Programs. During our session I started getting images in my mind about their business. As my client answered my questions I started having visions of them growing their business through a specific strategy. It’s like I saw a movie in my mind about their future. Because I have trained my senses, I have an awareness and a confidence to know when it’s something important or not. I have learned spiritual language and how to use what I see and hear for the benefit all. After seeing these images and visions I began to share with my client the strategy I saw for their business. I di! dn’t tell them I was getting my ideas from a vision in the spiritual realm, I just shared the strategy and it amazed them to the point of tears. This idea and strategy was beyond me and how I normally think. It was so powerful and effective for their business and also did something very profound to them personally. I thank God for these revelations.


For the next few days I want you to journal the images, words, impressions, burdens, nudges that push you towards helping you or someone else. Even if you do not understand what the images mean, just keep a log of everything. For now I want you to begin to become more aware.

3 Steps to become more aware of the spiritual realm:

1.       Ask – Ask God to speak to you for the good of your decisions and of others. To speak to you through mental images, visions and dreams. Pray and personally commit to do the next step.

2.       Seek – Throughout the day when you have a need for solutions or ideas, expect to see visions. They could be in the form of words, images, numbers etc. but they will be in visual form projected on the mental screen in your mind.

3.       Write it down – As you receive images, write down what you saw in your mind, and what was happening to you when you received them. What were you doing? Who was around you? What were you talking about? Record all these things as soon as possible so you don’t forget anything.

Richard Martinez

Intl Transformation Expert