The New Year is here! As we enter into 2018, it is wise to reevaluate all of our personal and professional goals. We need to pause a little bit and really examine whether how we’re living is working or not. Self-awareness through self-reflection is a powerful tool and precursor to success. As young as the year may be, we have already started gathering different people, things, and perspectives that either add to, or take away from our energy, time, health and happiness. Moreover there are things that might have served our goals well when the year began, but they’re now obstacles that need to be done away with. Whether it is you taking on other people’s problems, taking on more than you can handle, or not dedicating the right time and energy into what you are responsible for, things must be reviewed, revised and readjusted for this New Day.

Wise people focus their energies on managing what they are directly responsible for. Each person has specific things in life that deserve, require, and even demand our time and energy. Simply put, these are all our responsibilities. For parents, responsibilities tend to revolve around children. For professionals, they tend to revolve around career-success. Even children have responsibilities which revolve around their academic performance. The point is that every person has specific areas that receive undivided attention, time and energy. Our overall satisfaction in life is directly tied into how well we manage the various things that we are ultimately responsible for.

Yes we can all multitask in order to distribute the attention given to our many responsibilities, but it’s very important to remember that some responsibilities need our highest concentration. They deserve distinction from what routinely occupies our efforts because of how much personal attention, time and energy they require.

We have one life, and our time and energy is invaluable. Our time and energy are foundational to getting all that we want in life, therefore, we must be most responsible with where, what or who we dedicate time and energy to. Wise people focus their energies upon managing that which has been given to them. They start by mastering what they have, then building bigger and expanding into more. As they prove faithful, they will be expanded, promoted, and exalted. This is being responsible with time and energy. Do not try to change the whole world if you have not established peace in your own life. Work on your home and your relationships. Spend time with your children. Get your finances in order before you try to exert authority over society.

Richard Martinez

Intl. Transformation Expert