Sales Power For Sales Professionals

Book title: Sales Power For Sales Professionals 
Author: Jose Silva and Ed Bernd Jr. 
I have enjoyed Jose Silva’s books and teachings for years now but for some reason I haven’t really had a chance to read “Sales Power for Sales Professionals” until recently. For the past few years I have gotten more involved with sales professionals at our training facility in Glendora, California. Because most of our clients are business owners and have been sales professionals in the past, I of course continue to educate myself on this subject. Although I have been teaching sales techniques for years now, I always make it a priority to learn and develop myself through resources such as this book. Silva and Bernd Jr. actually happened to connect some things I have learned and taught before, but have never tied into sales the way their book does. I think their lessons are very powerful.  
This book is great because yes, it is focused on the topic of sales. However its tools and techniques can be exported to every area of life beneficially. I personally believe that the various techniques and principles it highlights are coincidentally the foundation of lasting success in every area of our lives. This book is about a success-mindset, a mindset that will help you thrive in all you do. My favorite thing about this book is that it deals with the roots of problems and reveals sales techniques that upgrade production without all the struggle. It’s a great book and teaches very profound messages. 
Richard Martinez 
Transformation Expert