Dare to Win

Book title: Dare to Win 
Author: Jeff Chegwin & Carmela Diclemente 
This is a great, educational, easy, inspirational, and interesting read. This book shares true short stories of known historical figures and explores how their success first came with failure. Chegwin and Diclemente emphasize the message that failing is not bad. Even further, they underscore that failure is necessary for growth and development in our lives. Each chapter focuses on an individual figure and their unique story. The titles alone highlight the themes of each chapter. For example Chapter 1 is titled “Be Ambitious,” and shares insights on Elvis Presley’s life that are aimed at inspiring ambition. Chapter 33 which is titled “Break the Mold,” is about Winston Churchill’s legendary life. This is a book that anyone can read because each chapter provides its own substantial food for thought.
Richard Martinez 
Transformation Expert