People have a variety of treasures within themselves. These treasures include limitless strengths, talents, gifts and abilities. In my experience, most people don’t even truly know who they are. As a result, they don’t even know they have inherent treasures let alone how to use them or recognize them in others.

We need to cultivate a way of life that draws out these treasures and potential from the hearts of people. Calling out the greatness in others will also call out your own! Learn to communicate like this and watch how it changes your life.

Commit to speaking only that which builds and brings life. This will produce two very powerful outcomes:
1. It changes the way we see people and situations.
2. It changes the way we treat/respond to people and situations.

Let me explain how this powerful truth works. I’ll use my own life as an example. I truly have committed to exclusively think and speak edifying words. This is to say that when I interact with people, I intentionally look for the treasure within them.

I’ll be honest… it isn’t always easy to do this especially when I encounter hostile people. However hostility could signify that someone feels broken inside. That they live their life in such an unhealthy way that their choices would affect or even hurt me personally. When this happens, it takes eyes of love to be able to see past the dirt, and into their destiny. Past their problems and into their potential.

I intentionally search for the strengths, gifts and talents in people. Then I show them what I’ve found so that they can rise up to a new level. At first this required me to be very calculating. But now my mind automatically goes searching for those qualities. I am no longer focused on people’s problems and issues. I instinctively search for their treasure and potential.

Can you see the possible benefit of this for my life and others? Wow! It’s huge! I no longer need to react to problems because I have conditioned myself to see potential… I am now solution-oriented!

Speak Life, to Enrich your own Life

Here are some guidelines to help teach you how to use powerful words to create more abundance in your own life as well as others’. When you speak, let your words be words that accomplish at least one of these three things:

1. Edify
Edification is the act of building up. Edification builds up a person’s heart. Its root word goes on to explain ever more: “the act of one who promotes another’s growth.”

2. Exhort and Encourage
Exhortation is to call to one’s side. Exhortation tells us we are not walking alone. Exhortation helps others to rise up so they can find their place and potential. To encourage is to inspire and cheer on.

3. Comfort
Comfort implies closeness, calming, and consoling. Comfort relieves pain and provides relief.

If you learn how to speak from these three motives, you will truly begin to value not only your own life but also the lives of those who hear your words.

Richard Martinez
Intl. Transformation Expert