A force that brings good fortune, or adversity: the events or circumstances that operate for, or against, an individual

Good Luck
Favoring chance or outcome

Bad Luck
An unfortunate state resulting from unfavorable outcomes

Have you noticed there are some people who always seem to have good luck? Things just automatically go well for them constantly! They enjoy a ridiculous abundance of good fortune, they are successful in matters of love, successful in their careers, secure in their finances, and are just generally happy. Yet these people don’t seem to work particularly hard, nor do they possess extraordinary intelligence or other gifts.


Then of course there are those who experience the opposite. Some people repeatedly fail despite their efforts and talents. No matter how much they have, or what they own, they never really enjoy life. They are never satisfied. Lack seems to hound them, even though they work hard. It’s as if they exist under a dark cloud or a curse. They feel helpless and really don’t know what to do differently to gain control.

Luck is…
“A force that brings good fortune or adversity”

What is this “force?”
It’s what you choose to feed your mind…
It’s called your mindset!

What we chose to put into our minds, and what we think about has a huge impact on how effectively we live our lives. Our thoughts are much more powerful than most people seem to understand. We each have a choice as to what to internalize mentally. Some people choose to focus on the poisonous thoughts of pressure, intimidation and expectations. Others however choose to focus on the empowering thoughts of potential, possibilities and success. What we choose to establish in our minds will manifest as actions and determine what we begin to experience in our lives.

Think about solutions, think about capability, think about positivity, think about what you want to become and where you want to go. Many people spend their entire lives reacting to what they don’t want to be, instead of responding to their individual callings. Fix your eyes on the prize rather than the problems and obstacles.

It is more accurate to think of “BAD LUCK” as a negative attitude. “BAD LUCK” comes from a bad attitude, and a bad attitude comes from bad thoughts. A “bad luck” mentality may overcome a person because of certain attitudes they developed during childhood. It may be the result of living in an environment of lack and defeat, negative self-images and low self-esteem.

This really is about the contrast between two attitudes:

BAD LUCK: One of fear, anxiety, worry, and greed.
GOOD LUCK: One of confidence, hope, peace, and trust.

Worry                                       Peace
Anxiety                                     Relaxation
Greed                                        Trust
Panic                                         Joy
Out of control                    Sense of dominion
Fear                                           Confidence

Mindsets and tools to set you up for consistent GOOD LUCK

  • Expect Good – HOPE
  • Dream Big and have Purpose
  • Reject Superstitions and False beliefs about self
  • Maximize Opportunities and Work Hard
  • Stay Grateful
  •  Relax
  • Deal with bad luck – Power of Focus
  • Be a Giver
  • Visualization
  • Affirmations
  • Increasing Luck Through Spirituality and Prayer

Richard Martinez
Transformation Expert