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Business Wellness Program

Health and wellness are central aspects of anyone’s life, including at the workplace. As a business owner or manager, having healthy employees is of great benefit to your business. This is because having employees who are happy and healthy is integral to consistent operations that can sustain a profitable bottom line.

Implementing a health and wellness program at your business will decrease the company’s healthcare costs. In turn, having healthier employees will not only reduce overhead, it will improve employee morale, increase production, and create an atmosphere that is conducive to operations. Healthy employees are far better placed to establish good relationships not only with one another, but with clients as well. Healthy employees are freer to develop creative ideas and solutions to the various problems encountered in the regular course of business. Just think about it. When you feel on top of your game, healthy, passionate and energetic, how much more can you produce? How good is you attitude when you feel well and strong? Now imagine that for all your employees!

Definition of a Health and Wellness Program

Understanding the meaning of a health and wellness program is the first step to effective implementation of one. Every year companies spend massive amounts of money on avoidable health-related issues. A good health and wellness program can alleviate some of these expenses.

What is a Health and Wellness Program?

So what exactly is a health and wellness program?

A health and wellness program is a corporate program that is implemented to enhance physical, emotional and mental health. There are many types of health and wellness programs, each of which offer various benefits depending on the specific program. They can help reduce health insurance costs, safety incidents, and even absenteeism. According to the National Safety Council, nearly one million workers a day are absent due to stress, costing American companies nearly $300 billion a year in loss of productivity, and the cost of temporary help.

RISE Programs knows the value and power of introducing a health and wellness program to the workplace. The difference this can make with morale, teamwork and production is immeasurable. This is why we have created a program that helps businesses RISE to new heights of efficiency and production. For more information call 1-888-823-7757.

Here are 3 things you can start doing NOW!


1.-Prepare and distribute a list of healthy dining options within a 2-mile radius of your office

Create a list of all the nearby restaurants which serve healthy food choices. You could also go a step further and list examples of healthy food that is available at these restaurants. Pictures help!  

2. Bring fresh fruits and veggies to the break room

Have fresh fruits and vegetables periodically delivered to the break room for employees to eat for free. If that costs too much money for the company to implement, start a healthy-food fund where each employee chips in a certain amount of money every month for healthy snacks.

3. Negotiate corporate discounts for health club memberships

Many businesses partner with various health clubs in their community so that employees can get discounts on memberships. For instance while regular members might have to pay $20 to $30 per month, most corporate discounts give employees the chance to join for $10 or less per month.

Richard Martinez

Transformation Expert


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Solving Problems

You don’t need to be a professional “salesman” in order to sell something. In fact, you’d actually be surprised at how often you participate in sales on a daily basis. Life is all about sales! Whether it’s convincing your boss to give you a raise, persuading a potential client to accept your proposal, pleading with your spouse to change the radio station, or encouraging your child to do their homework, almost any negotiation that happens throughout our daily routines requires some degree of sales-related skills.

Many times the technical connotations of the word “sales” intimidates us from projecting natural confidence that is necessary for sales itself. This is why it’s important to change your perception of sales. Don’t look at it as a specialized process; rather look at it as a way to build relationships and SOLVE PROBLEMS.

Sales = Problem Solving

If you want to be valued by your customers, you have to solve their problems. Customers who need solutions to high-priority issues are willing to pay for those solutions. But first, you must identify the customer’s problems. What are they missing or needing? Then you must analyze said problems. What causes the problems? What could solve the problems? Then you need to formulate several options to remedy the situation for the customer. Which products/services will solve their problems? And lastly, assist the customer to choose the solutions that best suits their needs.

Think of the emotional connection people make with a product or service as the ultimate benefit of sales. People are mostly interested in how your product solves their problems and what emotions it makes them feel.

No matter how well you think you can persuade others to adopt your point of view, there is always room for improvement. Keep practicing, connecting through relationship-building, and SOLVING PROBLEMS.

A great problems solver = a great salesman

Richard Martinez

Transformation Expert

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