The Heart of an Executive

Author: Richard D. Phillips

One of the greatest leaders I have ever studied is ancient Israel’s King David. Remembered as one of the most well-known leaders in the Bible, King David’s life offers countless powerful lessons on leadership and integrity. David started from humble beginnings as a Shepherd, and concluded his life as an infamous king. His story is one of many trials, failures and triumphs that we can all learn from as leaders.

More specifically, King David’ life gives us wisdom on themes such as preparation, achieving goals, leaving a legacy and training others to surpass one’s own accomplishments (as was the case with his heir Solomon). David had great vision for himself and his people. His faith, hard work and boldness set a standard for his followers. Despite experiencing challenges and setbacks, David remained true to his God and his people.

I believe the main lesson his life teaches is one of SERVANT LEADERSHIP.

Richard Martinez

Transformation Expert