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Emotional Intelligence is such a powerful ability that  always attracts  success  to your doorstep. Having emotional intelligence can save you from a myriad  of social problems and stress, especially when it comes to sales. A  lack of emotional intelligence is guaranteed to prevent you from establishing a connection with potential clients you may encounter in the field.

Do you have Emotional Intelligence?

What is emotional intelligence? It is the ability to identify and control one’s own emotions, and to recognize rather than react  to others’ emotions as well. In short, being aware of one’s emotions and being able to control them, along with having understanding and empathy for others, are signs of emotional intelligence. Emotional Intelligence creates  self-control that puts a stop to frustration about  how others behave. It keeps the power to maintain peace of mind in one’s own hands rather than putting it in the hands of others. It allows us to respond in uncomfortable situations rather than react.

People with high emotional intelligence are usually better team players, better problem-solvers, and overall better people-persons.

People who have high emotional intelligence are very aware of their own emotions. They know their triggers and are capable of controlling their emotions, even in stressful situations. This is a powerful thing! High emotional intelligence also demands  a motivation to understand others’ situations and empathize with them. It’s the ability not making about yourself in order to fully understand another.

This is one  topic that RISE Programs particularly teaches often because no matter what type of business you are in, Emotional Intelligence is vital to interaction. I encourage you to learn and grow in this area. Seek to understand yourself. Seek to understand emotions and where they come from. Seek to develop  awareness of your own emotions and of others. This is true power!

Traits of  high emotional intelligence:

  • Self-awareness
  • Self-regulation
  • Empathy

Improving all of these traits is important to developing  high emotional intelligence.


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