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This is not a, “TO Do” List, rather it’s a series of healthy suggestions filled with helpful truths and principles to help you gain and keep your freedom, peace and power as you remain productive.

1.-Remember and review your victories (big and small) by speaking them out loud to yourself with much gratitude and thankfulness. You are victorious, talk like it!

2.-Meet each new day trusting that you will make right choices at the right time. Don’t let your emotions deceive you.

3.-Expect continuous and increasing growth where you need it. Move forward without even a glance over your shoulder to what is now the past unless it’s to celebrate victories.  

4.-Avoid deliberate negative thinking, speaking and actions.

5.-Take time, or make time, to read & learn every day. Seek to keep advancing yourself in every area by learning and applying what you learned. .

6.-Beware of thinking that you can make it alone. It’s good to have people who love and support you and will tell you the truth.

7.-Dissolve dysfunctional relationships and choose positive, clean living friends. Although we can’t control everything that happens, we can choose to surround ourselves with good people and healthy things.

8.-Remember to stand firm against criticism, negativity, grieving over the past. Your thoughts will determine your life so think healthy.

9.-Choose to live in thankfulness, gratitude and appreciation. These healthy attitudes will help keep you grounded and renewed.

Richard Martinez

Transformation Expert

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