1. Be a Giver

There is a spiritual principle that I call, “you get by giving”. Give your time, self and wealth and watch how it opens up your life to good things!

When we hoard and dam the blessings in our lives we are in danger of becoming spiritually stagnant, emotionally detached, and intellectually cynical. Resolve to break up the dam and let blessings flow like a river. The freshness is in the flow.

  1. Be Thankful

Seek, identify and be grateful for the good that is in your life and in the life of those you love. Too often we go through life oblivious to the good that comes flowing into our lives.

  1. Use Your Words to Build

I understand that life isn’t always positive, fair or peaceful. I am not saying that we should be in denial about the negative things in our lives. What I am challenging and encouraging you do is to confront and overcome the problems with a positive victorious mindset. Learn to respond with things that will edify and bring life rather than to react with words that destroy and divide. The lifestyle of grumbling, complaining, judging and criticizing will stunt and destroy your happiness and growth. The lifestyles that speak words that encourage, exhort, and are positivity produce, peace, passion and power. Speak words that edify, encourage and comfort!

May the Lord bless you and protect you.

May the Lord smile on you and be gracious to you.

May the Lord show you his favor and give you his peace

(Numbers 6:24-26).

  1. Meditate

I myself often mediate on the bible because it’s loaded with verses of comfort, encouragement, and wisdom. Find something that builds, inspires, strengthens, and challenges you and mediate on it until it because a part of your mindset. Whether in the morning when you wake up, during your lunch break, or before you go to sleep, take five to 10 minutes to meditate each day.

  1. Forgive

Forgive yourself and others. Whether real or perceived it’s real to you, therefore if someone has hurt or wronged you in any way cleanse yourself through the power of forgiveness. If you have done wrong and feel bad about it, know that guilt, shame and self condemnation will not help you in any way that is good. Understand that every stage of inner growth is good and is nurtured by God, but when it’s time to move on, don’t hesitate to forgive yourself.

Richard Martinez

Transformation Expert