The Ultimate Power

Book: The Ultimate Power

Author: Dave Grant

This book seeks to reveal the power of love. The author reveals the power of fear and how it destroys our relationships but also shows the “Ultimate Power” of love and how it strengthens, builds and maintains our relationships.

This book gives 12 steps to become a healthier and more loving person, as I call it, a “Smart Lover”. This book break many false beliefs people have when it comes to love, which I believe to be vital these days.  Love today has become more lust and pleasure and has so many conditions and constraints. These conditions and constraints hinders the power of love and even moves away from what love actually is and therefore the benefits of the power of love is not experienced. The 12 steps better’s you as a person therefore overflows into all your relationships.

This book was a refreshing and confirming book for me to read personally because I myself wrote a book on the topic of love and Dave Grant has many of the same foundational principles that I have written and teach on still today.

Richard Martinez

Transformation Expert