The Warrior Within

Author: John Little

I really enjoy this read.  I loved all the things I read in each chapter, it was like a new life lesson each day and stimulated your soul and spirit in a positive way. People only think of Bruce Lee as a great martial artist but he was also a great thinker. His true passion was philosophy but he chose to express it through martial arts. I this he was an amazing gifted man who learned to be himself in all that he did. To just BE is to be FREE.

The main concept in the book is to ‘be yourself’. It is about easing up, and not adding complication to things that should occur naturally, such as in breathing. We each have our own answers inside ourselves and the power to heal and be strong is all within. That is really what it is all about and being able to connect with your thoughts and not hide from them. We are all unique and beautifully made and are filled with great potential. What made him amazing to me is that he lived what he spoke and spoke what he lived, Bruce lee was deep but also lived it with action, discipline and lots of training.

My favorite part about the book was in accepting yourself. If you accept yourself, then you won’t worry about what other people will think of you, or what to do here and there.