The daily grind of modern life can be exhausting: working full time, going to appointments, running errands, squeezing in grocery shopping, preparing a nourishing dinner, finding time for the gym… the demands can seem endless.

 When’s the last time you spent an afternoon doing absolutely nothing?

 Now, in a culture that celebrates being busy, people are on-the-go nonstop – and it’s taking a toll on our health and happiness. Constant stress is causing a growing epidemic of depression and anxiety and stress hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol are linked to obesity and diabetes.

 What’s the solution?

 Blocking out regular time in your busy schedule to rest and recharge. Even if your Monday is busy and stressful, it can be reassuring to know that you have a relaxing and stress-free Saturday to look forward to.

What is your favorite way to relax and recharge?

With clients, friends, family and myself, I have come to experience how important this virtue of “doing nothing” really is. I don’t see it as “doing nothing” but rather I see it as “establishing something”. Intentionally taking time for yourself is truly establishing health into every part of your being. I see it as LOVING YOURSELF so that you have more love to give.

 In the last 14 years of my experience in counseling people into health and wholeness I have found that many must truly labor into this kind of rest. It’s so difficult for many to sit still. Many feel guilty and begin to condemn themselves when they do. If they sit still their mind races therefore they are not truly resting or gaining peace in their lives.

 I have counseled some to actually make it a goal to sit and gain peace. Once it became a goal for some reason they were able to accept sitting there because of their satisfaction of meetings goals. Sometimes it’s 10 minutes, other times 20 minutes and every once in a while a whole hour! Ha! Try it! Love yourself!

Richard Martinez

Transformational Expert