We live in a fast-paced society. Everything today happens in an instant. From fast food, to speed dating, to high-speed internet connections – life can basically be summed up as work hard, play hard, go, go, go! With countless demands and responsibilities calling at us from all directions, it’s no wonder people feel like we’re expected to be in multiple places at once. Our schedules are overbooked and overwhelmed with commitments to work, family, social life, exercise, hobbies, spiritual practice, and the list goes on.

Think about it… under so much commotion everything starts feeling like a priority. It can be hard to find balance, which in turn only hurts our health and happiness. We don’t hesitate to fill up our lives with all kinds of activities, but do they really make us happy? Are we being busy or productive? Do we have a career or does the career have us? Do we have hobbies or do our hobbies have us?

It’s important to remember that we are human beings, not human doings. If you happen to be reading this, slow down and examine how you are truly spending your time. Ask yourself: are you making time for the things you most enjoy? Take a moment to slow down, breathe and check-in. Are you enjoying your labors? Are you enjoying the journey of life?

Our high-powered lifestyles require some prioritization, and sometimes the courage to say, “I want to stay true to myself, and I want to enjoy myself. These are my priorities.” We must learn the art of setting boundaries, and also learn to put away the guilt of saying, “no”.

Are your activities and commitments running your life? What’s one thing you could do today to slow down and enjoy your life?

Richard Martinez
Transformational Expert