Communication and success go hand in hand. The more effectively you communicate yourself, the better your results will be. Check out these 5 tips to ensure your ideas are communicated with power.

Stick to the point.

Powerful communication is not about saying as many things as you can in a given period of time. Rather, it is about sticking to what is relevant to the discussion, and getting your message across in the shortest — but most impact-laden — way possible.

Don’t be too casual.

The use of paraphrasing, slang, street talk and bad grammar can detract from your credibility, especially if you’re mingling with potential clients, employers and business partners. Avoid using conversation fillers such as “um” “like” and “so”. As always remember your body language speaks louder than words.

Emphasize key ideas.

Stress the highlights of your communication. If you’re confident in what you’re sharing, show it. Get excited, but don’t try too hard as you may come of as fake. When emphasizing key points be conscious of your tone of voice.

Tailor-fit your message
The way you communicate doesn’t come in “one-size fits all”. Messages should be customized depending on your audience. The way you talk to your boss wouldn’t be the same way you speak to your children or neighbors. When talking to people out of your industry remember to avoid technical jargon. Be mindful of the time and place, don’t try to have a business meeting at a bar on a Friday night.

Power in communication is sometimes determined by the quality of your rapport with others. Make use of online tools such as linkedIn and participate in local networking events.

Practice these communication tips and apply them every day. When you do, you’ll communicate powerfully and with confidence and achieve the outcomes you desire.