You’re probably familiar with the daily routine of arriving to work, sitting down at your desk and turning on your computer. Then you go through your emails replying to urgent messages and later you begin addressing the tasks that you couldn’t finish the day before. Before you know it, you’ve spent most of your day focusing on other tasks without having the time to get started on that important project!

Whether or not you work in an office, we know it’s not easy to juggle multiple responsibilities all at the same time. Don’t worry we’re here to help. Read below for tips on how to increase your productivity by improving your time management skills:


  • Chunk

It’s difficult to plan on starting a big project knowing you have so many other things to work on. Applying the chunk method will help you break a large project into smaller tasks but first you’ll need to create a “to do” list. When creating your list, break projects into tasks that are 15 minutes or fewer. Breaking a project into smaller chunks will prevent your brain from being on overload which in turn will help you focus on the smaller tasks. After this step you’ll need to implement the block method.

2) Block

Now it’s time to work on your project with laser focus! In this method you’ll need to block out set times to complete each chunk. The purpose of blocking out set times is to increase your focus by avoiding distractions. When setting your block times it’s important to be flexible with your schedule but not with your time limits. Unexpected events may occur and there are times when you may have emergencies so it’s important to have some kind of buffer. Use a calendar to keep track of what tasks you have completed and which ones still need work. Look at your calendar to see if you have any open spots to set specific times to work on the smaller tasks.You’re almost done! There’s still one more step to go, the tackle method.


3) Tackle

Does managing your time feel like a never ending game of chess? We may find ourselves constantly moving tasks around at different times to get a checkmate on those important projects we need to complete. The good news is that the tackle method will enable you to complete each small task individually rather than trying to take on the entire project at once. Taking smaller steps to complete a large project will allow you to be in control and you’ll also feel a sense of accomplishment.


Increase your chance of success through planning and time management. Prioritize and schedule your time using chunk, block, and tackle to maximize your productivity.