Sunshine-03The population of industrialized countries for decades has been brainwashed into thinking the sun is evil.

However, this advice has turned out to be completely wrong. Natural sunlight is absolutely essential for good health and without it, you are far more susceptible to cancer, depression, obesity, osteoporosis and many other diseases.

Sunlight is a natural cure that helps the body maintain a high state of health.

But what about sunburns, you ask?

Well, easy don’t stay in sun too long, listen to your body! People are muh more susceptible to sunburns when they have nutritional deficiencies caused by consuming soft drinks, processed foods, white flour, refined sugars and other similar substances.

A person on the standard American diet is at high risk to get sunburn. But if that same person followed a whole food diet for several months, and avoids all processed foods, even redheads would not burn their skin in the sunlight.

With sufficient Vitamin D from natural sunlight, very few men ever experience prostate cancer. With women, it’s breast cancer and osteoporosis. Both diseases are entirely preventable and sunlight is one of the major and most critical keys to this prevention.

By the way, this is even truer for people who have darker skin. Those of African descents are especially prone to Vitamin D deficiencies since their skin naturally blocks a significant portion of sunlight radiation. That’s why black men have a much higher rate of prostate cancer than white men. Furthermore, black men who live in northern climates, such as London or Canada, for example, have it even worse. It’s virtually impossible for them to get enough Vitamin D since there’s not much sun to be found where they live. Keep in mind, dark skin was an adaptation for people living near the equator, where the sunshine is far more powerful!

Have a Sunburn?
For a miraculous cure for sunburn, try lavender essential oil. It is best to drop it on and then spread it using gentle pressure. After about a half hour or less, the pain should be gone. Wait until morning to shower and then reapply oil.