What Does Your Face Reveal About Your Health and Wellness?

Author: Lillian Bridges

Rise Programs not only seeks to empower and educate people in the areas of personal life, business, profession and communities but also in the area of health and wellness, which I believe are the foundations to achieving all of our life goals.

In many ways our personal health and wellness determines the level of our success and happiness. That being said, it’s important to understand that “health and wellness” goes beyond diet and exercise. It deals with our relationships, passions, career, growth and purpose as well.

This book by Lillian Bridges shows how you can see clues in the peoples’ faces that reveal different aspects of their health and their personal lives. Shapes, markings, and features of a face can teach you how to recognize how the mind’s internal functions, such as the emotional and the psychological.

Face and personality reading can also be used to help you with business and relationship decisions. The face is a powerful communication tool that we use without even realizing it. Most of the time, it’s the first thing we see and what we spend the most time focusing on. The art of reading faces is a much more specific version of reading body language and because of this, I believe it’s an essential tool for various aspects of life.


Richard Martinez
Transformation Expert