Act Like a Lady But Think Like a Man

Author: Steve Harvey

If you want to expand your thinking, not only to achieve the great love you have always dreamed of, but also to take better with the male, I can widely recommend this book called “acts like Lady but thinks like Man.” The author Steve Harvey takes the side of women and tells us incredible situations explaining why men act a certain way and what is best, tells us how we should understand them and especially how we react to certain situations in life.

Simply through 15 chapters that are very fast, teaches us step by step what you need to know about a man about how he thinks, what excites you and what you dislike, what attitudes like to enamorarlos and especially to keep them in our arms.

It is a very funny book that many women can become an essential guide for us correctly choose our mate and especially to turn away from men who just want to hang out.

In short, please abused, open your eyes and decreed that love opens its doors having an excellent attitude.

Adriana Gallardo