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Although your heart, your inward reality, is most important people still look at our outward man. People will see what you produce in your life. You must learn to see life’s experience around character and preparation. Good or bad this life is preparing you for more!

Negative preparation is when failure, suffering, or difficulty brings us unexpected gifts that launch us toward our destinies. We get so wrapped up in our circumstances that it is hard for us to step back and see the bigger picture of how these things are preparing us and developing strength within us. Other wise we lose hope in the midst of struggle and that can lead to depression. Hope is a confident expectation of coming good, therefore we must learn to change our perspective and carry this kind of hope in our hearts.

Experiences help you identify with those you are called to serve and impact.

Experiences build your faith and strengthen muscles you will need to be successful in all that you are called to do. Failures prepare us for success. Experiences can be used to remove a lesser love or something less valuable in order to make room for something greater.

Graduating successfully from a certain stage of your preparation is usually marked by removal from the challenge. If it continues, you have not yet graduated

What have you experienced?

How are those experiences valuable?

How do those experiences give you practical skills for what you are called to do?

How have those experiences given you the character you need to reach your destiny?

Application: Write down 3 ways your last struggle made you better. 

Richard Martinez

Transformation Expert

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