Author: Jonah Berger

This book was an enjoyable and interesting read for me. It reveals insights into the power of word of mouth, how ideas spread and becomes contagious and even can influences culture. Word of mouth is a very effective in bringing people who will buy into your idea, service or product because the word of mouth comes with some trust attached to it. Trust attached to it? How? Think about it, when you have a friend come share with you about this restaurant that is so delicious, not expensive and good service there is a level of trust because this is your friend. This book gets into practical techniques for getting your idea to catch on and spread and shares how some well known successful people get their ideas to catch on and spread through the power o word of mouth.

I value practical teachings that can be used right away in my life and always make sure I myself teach that way because something learned and not lived out isn’t learned at all. I believe what we learn must be applied in order for us to really experience the benefits of the teaching. I definitely learned and gained understanding and tools from this book that I will be teachings many others.

Richard Martinez

Transformation Expert