Life Changing tips

Staying hydrated is extremely important. Our bodies depend on water for survival. Water makes up for more than half of our body weight. Every cell, tissue, and organ within our body depends on hydration in order to be able to function properly. The average amount is usually (8-10) 8 ounce glasses of water each day. However, our bodies work on a bio-individuality system so one person may need more water than another. Always boost your hydration if you are active. If you are wondering if you are dehydrated just make sure your body is urinating, you don’t have a dry mouth, are not fatigued, are not extremely thirsty, and make sure you don’t feel dizzy or lightheaded. These are all signs of dehydration – and you don’t want to get to that point. So please stay hydrated. A great tip is to always carry a water bottle with you. Also opting for water before all other beverages is ideal.

Richard Martinez

Transformation Expert