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Yes, I know, I know… “But it taste so good!” Sugar has become very powerful over the lives of many. Many have become slaves to sugar and there is nothing sweet about it. In my opinion, there is no safe amount of processed or refined sugar. Naturally contained sugars in fruit and vegetables are balanced by the fiber, vitamins, enzymes and other properties of the fruit/vegetable, which slow sugar digestion and help the body deal with it more easily. Processed varieties, on the other hand, provide none of these benefits and instead create these harmful effects of sugar in the body. If we are going to be eating sugar we must learn how to ‘clean’ up the mess sugar makes. Drink lots of water, eat lots of dark leafy greens and vegetables.

Like heroin, cocaine and caffeine, sugar is an addictive, destructive drug, yet we consume it daily in everything from cigarettes to bread.

William Dufty 

Sugar qualifies as an addictive substance for two reasons:

  1. Eating even a small amount creates a desire for more.
  2. Suddenly quitting causes withdrawal symptoms such as headaches, mood swings, cravings and fatigue.

Reasons why sugar isn’t so “sweet”:

  • Sugar can suppress the immune system.
  • Sugar interferes with absorption of calcium and magnesium.
  • Sugar can weaken eyesight.
  • Sugar can cause hypoglycemia.
  • Sugar can cause a rapid rise of adrenaline levels in children.
  • Sugar contributes to obesity.
  • Sugar can cause arthritis.
  • Sugar can cause heart disease and emphysema.
  • Sugar can contribute to osteoporosis.
  • Sugar can increase cholesterol.
  • Sugar can lead to both prostate cancer and ovarian cancer.
  • Sugar can contribute to diabetes.
  • Sugar can cause cardiovascular disease.
  • Sugar can make our skin age by changing the structure of collagen.
  • Sugar can produce a significant rise in triglycerides.
  • Sugar can increase the body’s fluid retention.
  • Sugar can cause headaches, including migraines.
  • Sugar can cause depression.
  • Sugar can contribute to Alzheimer’s disease.
  • In intensive care units, limiting sugar saves lives.

Cut out the simple sugars and experience the benefits in every area of your life!

Richard Martinez

Transformational Expert

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