When we give our body’s downtime we are able to recharge and become more centered. When we get the rest we need and make relaxation a priority in your life you will create peace. Your tranquility surround your life and you will be better able to handle all situations that come your way.

You recharged when you take time to pursue your passions and hobbies. Even though you are an adult, you playtime is important for you health and happiness. Taking time to go on a bike ride or going out with friends can be very refreshing. You can release any stress that you may have.

You body requires rest and sleep to function at its highest potential. That is why we should be making sure we get our rest. Resting your body allows your mind to be clear so that you can embrace your peaceful state.

Tonight I challenge you to take your time in preparing for sleep instead of rushing through you routine. This way you can appreciate the process of preparing for rest and begin getting your full being ready for rest. Joyfully get into your neatly made bed and breathe deeply several times being thankful for your bed, for your body, for you life. This prepares you to receive rest fully. As you drift off to sleep you can appreciate the stillness of the room and the stillness of your mind. When you awake, you will feel renewed and can start your day off with the power of peace.

Have you taken the time to play?

Did you get an appropriate amount of sleep last night?

What is your nighttime routine?

Richard Martinez

Transformation Expert