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Let Your Beliefs Guide You to Success

“Invisible Influence”
Author:Jonah Berger

Why do we do what we do? Why are we the way we are? What influences us to make our decisions and feel the way we do?

These are the deeper questions I personally love to understand because I believe it’s at the level of our beliefs that true lasting transformation happens. Our belief system is the pathway to either success or failure. Beliefs are the invisible influencers. Our beliefs and the beliefs of others have huge influence on what we value and what we do. The question many have is “where do these beliefs comes from and can we change them? If you can how do we change them?” These are the things our teachings at RISE Programs deals with. We deal with the internal reality, which defines the outward reality, transforming your life from the inside out.

This is a good read and gives some deeper understanding for people who don’t yet understand the power of their beliefs or the power of their peers and their beliefs. Understanding these things will really empower your and your success in life.


Richard Martinez

Transformation Expert

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