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Most of the time we are way to hard on ourselves when it comes to our growth & making mistakes. If we understand where we are in our maturity process, then we might not be too hard on ourselves when we mess up. We all go through various stages of maturing so let us learn to enjoy the process. Here is a simple understanding of our stages of maturity in life. Understanding these stages will cause us to be more confident, hopeful and prepared in what is to come.

Stage 1- Foundation

Be sure to lay a clear and firm foundation for your life. This looks like writing out your foundational beliefs, values and vision. What are your core values? Boil them down to about 5 main core values. These values are things that are high priority for you and are as lenses in which you see and live your life through. Next, write a list of the beliefs you must carry in order to achieve what you value the most. Example; You value your family and spending time with them therefore you make sure to have a belief that is in agreement with what you value such as; “I believe that quality time is essential to keeping my family strong and in unity.” When a belief and value are not in agreement this will set you up for inward conflict and destroy your peace. Example; You have a value of being with your family but have a strong belief that you must work at least 70 hours a week in order to be successful. This sets you up to not be happy at work because you not spending time with your family and not happy when you working because your not enjoying what you value, your family.

Stage 2- Personal Growth 

Now that you have developed a clear and firm foundation you move on to practically developing your gifts, talents and abilities on purpose with purpose. Realize that there is a cost involved and that you will be challenged to give up things that no longer serve you. If you don’t like it, change it, if you can’t change it; change your perspective about it.

Stage 3- Maturing 

Now that you have a clear and firm foundation, are now intentionally developing your gifts, talents and abilities, its time to develop your specific purpose and vision. How will you use all of you potential to impact the world you personally live in? A purpose and vision is bigger than ourselves and requires us to seek out like-minded people to fulfill the vision at hand.

Stage 4- Mastering Your Life

You’re now focused more on developing others. You are a trainer of trainers developing people so that your ceiling becomes their floor and your vision and plans now have the opportunity to grow beyond you could ever take it on your own. This stage is for you to develop a strong team who will lead your overall vision. This is sort of like duplicating yourself so that you are no longer required to do it all yourself. This is you RISING up and bringing others with you. This way you will gain a greater authority & influence in your life.

Understanding the different stages of our maturity creates a clarity and confidence for us. The very basic conclusion and summary is this:

Be intentional, live on purpose with purpose. Always continue to learn and grow. Teach and share all you learn so others can RISE up with you.

Richard Martinez

Transformation Expert