Say Goodbye to Fear in All Forms

“The Art of Positive Thinking”

Our thoughts are an inexhaustible world of all kinds of experiences; unfortunately sometimes we let ourselves be influenced by negative thoughts even by thoughts that only reflect our insecurities and fears.

On many occasions we have spoken of fear and how important it means to embrace it instead of running from it. This topic is very interesting, because if we knew how to detect fear and especially how to confront it, it would be much easier to take risks in life and especially we would learn easier how to be happy.

“The art of positive thinking” is the book that this time I want to share with you because it invites us to reflect on how important it is to say goodbye to fear in all its variations, such as fear of disease, aging, death is, to oblivion, madness, among other topics. This book offers the readers tools to go into the minds and thoughts to get the best version of you.

Definitely “The art of positive thinking” is a great tool to leave our old patterns and start living a more conscious life and above all learn to be happier.

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Adriana Gallardo