Break Free of the Chains of Emotional Attachments

“Detachment Without Anesthesia”
Author: Walter Riso

Fear of change often makes us stay in the same comfort zone, pushing us avoid something different, to not want more and worst of all to stay with the same people even after being aware that the best in our life would be left free to toxic people who are harming our lives.

For this reason and many more, I recommend the book “Detachment without anesthesia” written by Walter Riso which teaches us how you can let go of anything that takes away energy, well-being and above all happiness. The main focus of the book is to realize that one of the worst psychological ills is emotional attachment. This kind of dependence not only causes sadness, but is also an obstacle to internal growth.

This book can definitely help many to know how you can leave everything and everyone that has wronged you in the past. What we’re stringing along does not help us grow and causes us to reduce the ability we have to decide, act and be happy.

Detachment does not mean you stop wanting things, give up your passions or show indifference to others. It is completely the opposite, to embrace the freedom for you to be a genuinely happy person.

Adriana Gallardo