I was thinking about the word “emptiness” & thought about a statement that I hear people say, “I feel empty”. I thought to myself, “how can you ‘feel’ empty’?” Or “how can you feel something, where there is nothing?” which is what we are really saying when we say, “I feel empty” right?

Definition of Emptiness: Emptiness as a human condition is a sense of generalized boredom, social alienation and apathy. Feelings of emptiness often accompany dysthymia, depression, loneliness, and despair. A sense of emptiness is also part of a natural process of grief, as resulting of separation, death of a loved one, or other significant changes.

After reading this I got some insight. “Emptiness” is not really emptiness, there is emotion tied to emptiness. Emptiness is not nothingness or void but rather it contains thoughts, emotions, truths, & lies within it. This is hard to explain for most therefore I believe we essentially choose the word “emptiness” to try to describe a feeling we have inwardly that we don’t fully understand or can explain. In thinking about this I found a deeper truth that can be applied to our life and will produce healing and freedom over these feelings. “Emptiness” is really a deception or denial.

Think about it…

We “feel” something inwardly that’s isn’t healthy. We don’t know how to explain it so we say, “I just feel empty”. But that very statement actually causes us to handle this “feeling” as such.  We say, “empty” which to us means “nothing”, so we subconsciously treat it as “nothing” when it really is something therefore we are deceived or in denial. Get it?

We call it “empty” which to us means “nothing” therefore we treat it as nothing. Meaning, We don’t deal with it… This “emptiness” eats us up inwardly & robs us from faith, hope & love. It’s a deception &/or denial.

What is the solution?

Understand if/when you feel “empty” its not really “empty” and that there is something actually there. You must first face it, see it, & admit it. Use your vocabulary to try to describe what this “emptiness” feels like. Once you have a few words that describe it, ask yourself, “Why do I feel this way?” I guarantee that the cause will be from a lack of love in some area of your life. Once you find the area of lack ask yourself, “did I or someone else cause this lack?” It could have been someone else who caused it; it could have been yourself, or both (whether the offense was real or perceived the pain it caused is still real to you so treat it as so).

We have now faced it so the next step is to apply forgiveness. If someone else caused the pain, forgive them. This doesn’t mean you now agree with or are now ok with what they did to you. Forgiving them is releasing the influence they have had in your life through this unforgiveness, bitterness, & resentment.

If you caused it receive forgiveness for yourself. Get rid of guilt, shame & condemnation & recognize your value once again. See that you are better than that & live like it. See your value & potential. Forgiveness brings freedom by releasing & erasing the hold that pain once had on you.

Lastly, cultivate a lifestyle that releases life into yourself & others. For an example, If your “emptiness” is really depression due to failure & rejection begin to release hope, acceptance & victory. Your thoughts & words must become thoughts & words of hope, acceptance & victory. Your words will define your world. Speak encouraging & empowering words over yourself & others. Believe that you are worthy, valuable, full of potential & have much to give to others. Speak hope. Encourage others to believe that they are valuable, full of potential & to expect coming good.

In summary you:

Face it: admit the struggle, pain, and fault.

Erase it: give & receive forgiveness. &

Replace it: changing your thoughts & words to thoughts & words that release life.

Be filled with goodness instead of “emptiness”

Richard Martinez

Transformational Expert