Reduce Your Stress and Increase Your Work Productivity

“Success With Gymnastics For The Brain”
Author: Gail E. Denison, Patricia E. Denison, Paul E. Edison, Jerry V. Teplitz

I love giving options so you can feel successful and very intelligent, this time I want to share the book: “Success with gymnastics for the brain”, because believe it or not your brain must exercise to help you solve problems easier, be more creative and have a much better performance.

As I’ve mentioned several time, work is an activity to which we dedicate as much of our time and energy, so it is important that you perform with joy and energy, because in that way we can improve our mood and especially our performance.

I love this book because it is very practical and has many exercises that work as effective tools to reduce stress due to our daily work. Through certain movements and very simple exercises, we can encourage ourselves to perform much better in our activities during the day.


It is simple and straightforward, this book is like a manual exercise with which you can rely on it anytime to boost your energy and the best of it, each exercise only takes a few minutes, relieving you from the discomfort of the chair, tired eyes, back pain, improving your concentration, etc. All of this with the purpose of feeling better at work better with greater ease and pleasure.

Definitely “Success with gymnastics for the brain” is a way of doing simple exercises to increase productivity not only in work but also in everything you make in your life.

Adriana Gallardo