Life is full of change…

Change means to “…make or become different… to pass from one state to another” (Oxford Dictionaries).

As early as when we are in our mother’s womb, change enters our life. We go from being conceived, to a sperm, to developing various organs in the first three weeks, to having a fully functioning body that can be birthed in twenty-two to thirty-six weeks. We go from being in a womb which was a warm, safe, and nourishing environment to being pushed and pulled out of our nine month paradise through a small canal and into a place that’s cold, full of noises and people touching us: all this is change.

Whether it’s change that is wanted or unwanted, change that brings pain or celebration, change is and will always be a part of our lives.

If you think about it, with every change there is some level of conflict within us. When we go from one state to another there’s a transition that involves struggle to some degree. Take the butterfly for example. The caterpillar sheds its old skin, which forms the chrysalis cocoon and goes inward for a few days. It then becomes a big puddle of liquid. This liquid chooses parts of the caterpillar to hold onto and kills off the rest. It then creates new butterfly tissue. The butterfly then has to fight, and fight hard, to get himself out of the chrysalis, but this struggle is necessary, actually vital to build the strength in its wings in order for it to fly and survive. It is the process of working to get out that gives it the strength and development time that it needs to actually survive.

The transition that is in between the two points of change is the place where you get the strength to move forward. Therefore with change comes conflict or said another way, without conflict there can be no change.

Even if you are changing your mind about something there is a small level of conflict within.

One more example: lets say you decided right now that you were going to go to the grocery store later this evening. Your reasoning is that you need groceries. Evening time comes which was the time you committed to go to the store but you are now too tired. So you change your mind and decide not to go. Not a big deal but my point is that there is a level of struggle going on even in this decision. There’s a counting the cost before making the decision of not going. Your reasoning includes questions like, “Do I really need to go tonight?” “Do I have food that will get me through until I do go?” “When will I have time again to go?” Even if this all takes only a few seconds and it may seem effortless because it’s done so often we must recognize that there is some level of conflict going on.

We can see how change comes into our lives no matter what. We can enter into change as victims or as victors. We can either use the change to bring good into our lives or we can just “let it happen” and hope things work out.

Change can come and we can fight it not not want it but that alone is conflict in itself. Therefore I encourage and challenge you to seize every opportunity to squeeze the life out of change/conflict and release life around you by influencing change in your surroundings and helping and encouraging others to do the same. Conflict is what we make of it. Therefore I think it would be wise if you learned how to best utilize opportunities when change comes and to cause it to be change that brings success into your life. But if you want the authority to change a situation, person, a city, a nation, or the world, you first must take responsibility for it. Responsibility…responsible. How do we become responsible? You plan! You get a vision! When you plan and get a clear vision you are able to respond instead of react in situations. You gain authority. You plan and that makes you able to respond. Able to respond. Response able…Responsible.

Get a clear vision and plan for you life and this will make you to be someone who is responsible, someone who gain authority. Also, when you have a clear vision and plan this gives the painful things in life a purpose. Vision will give pain a purpose.

Life if full of change. Change brings conflict. Conflict is what you make of it. Vision will give these conflicts a purpose. When we get a vision a plan it makes us able to respond, responsible.

Learn to enter change as a victor!

Victor Martinez

Transformational Expert