Study Success to Become Successful

“Money, Master The Game”
Author: Tony Robbins

I’m sure you have heard or learned that if you want to succeed in any area of your life it’s good to learn from people who are already successful in that area. It’s wise to study successful people, observe how they think, to experience their attitudes, and rub shoulders with them. That’s what this book does! It’s takes the experience and insights from the most successful people in the world in the financial area and shares their wisdom.

I believe that these things cannot be taught, but must be caught. Therefore, in addition to learning, you must spend time with the people who have in their lives the fruit, which you want in your life. A great way to spend time with them is through books! You are learning from them and you will become like them. There is a principle that I fully believe and live by that says, “every seed reproduces after its own kind.” These successful people share their keys, their “seeds” and as I plant them into my lifestyle they will produce the same fruit!

This is a powerful book because it take a topic that most are ignorant about or afraid of and put it a way that is understandable and doable. I really enjoyed that book and continue to go back to it as I teach and train my clients to RISE up into their full financial potential.

Richard Martinez

Transformational Expert