Prepare Yourself to be a Mentor

“Mentoring 101”
Author: John C. Maxwell

One of the most important purpose in my life is to teach, to show others the path I have walked and share my first hand experiences. For those of you interested in showing others the way to go  I recommend this book by John Maxwell, where I have gotten a lot of notes for the times where I have to prepare a workshop or train new people joining my company.

If your goal is to learn how to teach, this is the right book for you. It offers clear and practical concepts.

It is practical and easy to read and is divided into three parts: preparing to be a mentor, committing to be mentor,  taking people to the next level.

I also love that  it gives you good advice about how you should act to be a great mentor and shows you the characteristics that your students should hold.

“Mentoring 101 “. is reading a book on leadership and a good manual on mentoring. It is not very comprehensive, but convenient and above all very useful.

Adriana Gallardo